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Published: Thu Nov 05 2009, the world’s most comprehensive social network community dedicated to “all things hair loss” has been launched. The latest generation of will live up to its promise of introducing a novel and groundbreaking website to the hair loss industry. is a complete social network service, providing an online community of people who share a common interest in hair loss issues, from solving hair loss to celebrating hair loss and all things in between, while providing users with a variety of ways to interact and share facts, opinions and advice.

“The premise of the website is simple enough,” states Michael Garcia, spokesman for the consortium of hair loss industry leaders who have founded the current incarnation of “Hair loss can be solved or celebrated, treated or embraced depending on how you feel about it. Whichever posture you adopt, you will find all the tools necessary here to prevent, solve or celebrate hair loss in every imaginable context.”

The website, which launched on July 2, utilizes state-of-the-art technology and graphics developed by Bright Bulb Solutions in Los Angeles and features all-new original content developed specifically for this hair loss project including sections dedicated to hair loss conditions, hair loss solutions, a comprehensive professional providers directory, along with news and lifestyle channels.

“Hair loss looms so large in our lives when it happens to us,” said Garcia. “Our Lifestyle channel shows our community how to perfect other parts of our lives, even if we may never have perfect hair again. Our Entertainment channel provides a little respite, a little fun while members seek out solutions to their individual condition.”

The lifestyle channel features articles and advice on health & fitness, fashion & beauty, nutrition, entertainment, business and travel, as well as an advice column for community members to get advice from a “relationship coach” in order to assure that hair loss ??" and the complexities surrounding it ??" don’t overly complicate our personal lives.

Full membership in the hair loss community is free and allows the member to participate and interact with others in the community by way of forums, newsgroups, comments, RSS feeds, friends and more. The amount of unbiased information about hair loss solutions is presented to speak to those across the broad spectrum of hair loss conditions. Men, women and children with temporary and permanent conditions such as Alopecia areata or hair loss caused by Cancer treatments will find information especially for them.

“One thing we all understand is that hair loss is more complicated than we knew before. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Many of the existing hair loss websites speak above the typical person seeking solutions or contain thinly veiled sales pitches, Garcia said. “We’ve reduced the rhetoric of solving hair loss to its simplest terms. Those using the Internet to perform their due diligence are going to appreciate this approach.”

Also launching with the website will be’s “Hair for Children” program that will provide children who suffer from hair loss ??" and who demonstrate financial need ??" a customized hair loss solution. A video contest that challenges filmmakers to craft videos raising public awareness about the many sensitive issues surrounding hair loss has also been announced with the launch.

As presented, represents an online community in the deepest sense. This website has its experts and has a stance, but its clear that members will be the lifeblood. The success of the online community will rely completely on members sharing their most creative and thoughtful ideas, experiences and insights with the community and to engage the experts so that everyone in the community benefits.

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