GTCbio Announces its 4th Annual Assay Development and Screening Technologies Conference taking place

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Published: Thu Mar 26 2009

GTCbio Announces its 4th Annual Assay Development and Screening Conference taking place June 8-9, 2009. As compounds derived from high throughput screening increasingly find their way into clinical trials, drug screening has become widely accepted as a critical step in the drug discovery process. After more than a decade of rapid growth, tremendous progress has been made in assay technology, laboratory automation, and informatics. These technological developments have not only facilitated a drastic increase in throughput and efficiency in drug screening, but have also provided novel solutions in other areas of drug discovery and development. As screening has also become prominent in biological research, screening facilities have become increasingly popular in academic institutions.
As the pharmaceutical industry continues to face the challenges of developing more new chemical entities and reducing the cost of R&D, the demand for novel technologies and creative approaches for improving the efficiency of screening has intensified. Cell-based assays used in compound screening and high-content screening technologies have gained popularity in the industry. Years of intensive research have finally resulted in label-free technologies in the drug screening market place. These technologies provide new ways of interrogating cellular and molecular binding events and enable orthogonal screening approaches to drug targets.
The goal of the 4th annual Assay and Screening Technologies Conference is to provide a forum for academics and professionals in the drug discovery industry to stay abreast of exciting new developments in assay technologies while exchanging ideas and developing more efficient approaches to the drug discovery and development process.

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