Ontario-based child psychiatrist and ADHD advocate Dr. Kenny Handelman uses the most current technology to ensure that people everywhere “get it” when it comes to ADD and ADHD – that includes creating the first video podcast that individuals can subscribe to through iTunes. The podcasts are only one way in which this psychiatrist seeks to raise awareness of this growing global health problem.

[USPRwire, Fri Feb 06 2009] “People just don’t ‘get it’ when it comes to ADHD,” Dr. Kenny Handelman explains. Too many individuals believe that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not a “real” disorder that is more the results of poor parenting or a failure to discipline children.

Handelman, a child psychiatrist based in Ontario, Canada explains that that he is “on a mission” to change that way of thinking. He is already the author of a blog that exclusively deals with this childhood mental health disorder (www.ADDADHDblog.com), and the founder of the first fully interactive social networking site devoted exclusively for those with ADHD (www.ADHDWorld.com).

Now, Handelman is extending his advocacy role into the field of podcasts. His www.ADHD.tv is the first podcast to which people can subscribe through iTunes. Each edition of this podcast addresses an aspect of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Handelman, ultimately, sees his mission as a twofold project. Through his practice and his many web-based projects, he seeks to “improve the quality of life . . . and recognize the potential” of those with ADHD.

But he also wants those who don’t suffer with the disorder to realize that ADHD is truly a mental health issue and not merely a convenient method of school teachers to deal with unruly or disruptive students.

“No one would tell you that you didn’t have heart disease or cancer,” he explains in his podcast. “But yet many people ??" who really know nothing about the disorder ??" insist that it doesn’t even exist.”

Handelman explains that it’s only been within the last two decades at most that technology has provided us the essential look inside the working of the human brain to better understand this disorder.

In one of his first podcasts, Dr. Handelman interviews Dr. Daniel Cox of the University of Virginia concerning the incidence of accidents and individuals driving while not taking their medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Individuals who drive after their medication has worn off, Dr. Cox, explains via www.ADHD.tv are more likely to be involved in a car accident than those who drive and maintain their prescribed level of medications in their system.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most common disorders of childhood. Its symptoms include impulsivity, the inability to concentrate or focus on tasks at hand, as well as hyperactivity.

A growing global health problem, ADHD affects as many as seven percent of the total childhood population worldwide. In addition, more than 60 percent of these individuals carry the disorder with them into adulthood.

Handelman regularly produces a new video podcast at www.adhd.tv.

Dr. Kenny Handelman is a psychiatrist from Ontario Canada with a special interest in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In addition to founding www.ADHDWorld.com, he also has a blog, www.ADDADHDblog.com and is the host of an online video broadcast, www.adhd.tv.com.

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