Bay Alarm Medical: Supporting Independent Living for Seniors

From: Bay Alarm Medical
Published: Mon Mar 23 2009

Matt Westphal, Co-President of Bay Alarm Company, today announced that the company had recently launched Bay Alarm Medical, a subsidiary of the more established firm. Its core business is providing rapid medical response for seniors and others who can benefit from having a medical alert system in their homes.

"It was a natural move for us," said Westphal. "It allows us to establish a new business based on our core skills and to eventually begin to serve a growing national market. We have a wealth of experience in our business that translates perfectly into providing a safety net for people with the need for a medical back-up system in the home."

Bay Alarm ( ) is no stranger to protecting people. Since 1946 they have provided peace of mind to families and businesses with fire and security services. Now in its third generation of family ownership and operation, their customer base is over 100,000 and still growing.

The new business is led by Warren Heffelfinger, who has been selected as the CEO of Bay Alarm Medical (BAM). "Warren came to us at a time when we had been thinking along similar lines," said Westphal. "Together, we were able to come up with a business plan that made sense in the current business environment. Because of the growing population of baby boomers who are interested in continuing to live independently as they grow older, we saw that we could help meet a real need."

Heffelfinger was asked to lead the new venture ( ) because of his experience in running similar high-touch customer care and recurring revenue businesses, his knowledge of Bay Alarm, and his reputation as a successful entrepreneur.

"The need for a company like Bay Alarm Medical is significant and growing," said Heffelfinger. "We all know that the Baby Boomers are beginning to enter retirement age, but we have not done an adequate job addressing their #1 concern ??" living independently."

The service helps caregivers by providing emergency coverage when they can't be in the home. It also offers a less costly alternative to expensive long-term care. The company will not only aid seniors but will also help reduce the financial burden on the health care system.

Charles T. Whitaker says the Bay Alarm Medical system has changed his life for the better. "My wife is 90 and she's doing fine," said Whitaker. "But there are times I can't be there and Bay Alarm Medical lets me feel she is being watched over when I can't be home. A lot can happen in the half hour or so I'm away from the house, and now I can relax a bit."

The medical alert service is engineered for simple installation with powerful service ( http://www.BayAlarmMedical/HowItWorks/ ). When an emergency signal is generated by the transmitter, a live operator is summoned, who assesses the situation and provides a rapid response. The medical alert service Bay Alarm Medical provides will also provide other opportunities as the company grows. In an effort to provide more home care for seniors, the company plans to add additional services such as medication management and telehealth in the near future.

To learn more about Bay Alarm Medical, visit the company's website at or call 1-877-522-9633.

About Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical provides peace of mind for seniors, their children, and their caregivers by providing a system that will bring a ready response to any medical emergency. Founded by Bay Alarm, which provides home and fire protection for customers throughout California, we began offering our medical alert system in 2008.

About Bay Alarm

For more than six decades, we have provided burglar alarms to companies and homes across the state. Yet we provide more than a typical burglar alarm company. Above all, we offer peace of mind and security. Our customers rest easy knowing their homes and offices are protected by the largest independently owned and operated burglar alarm company. Now in its third generation of family management, Bay Alarm remains a family owned and operated burglar alarm company. Founded by the Westphal family 62 years ago as a local burglar alarm company, Bay Alarm now protects more than 100,000 residential and commercial customers across the state.

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