Learn backpack safety tips for the upcoming school year. Most children do not carry backpacks that meet suggested requirements for safety.

[USPRwire, Tue Sep 12 2006] Dr. Gary Johnson of Johnson Family Chiropractic in Pocatello, ID wants you to know that your child's backpack might be causing harm! The potential dangers of heavy backpacks used by children are greater than most parents realize.

According to national guidelines, students should carry backpacks that weigh 10-15% of their body weight. Yet did you know that 55% of students are carrying backpacks that weigh more than the recommended weight? (Simmons College, April, 2001)

Dr. Johnson said, "Carrying over this amount can cause permanent damage to a child's back and spine. As a chiropractor, I am seeing more and more children complaining about back pain and it is often because of the weight they're carrying on their backs to and from school every day. This can have a negative impact on a child's growth and back development. "

A survey conducted by AIRPACKS in 2000 revealed that 66% of school nurses reported seeing students with pain or injury caused by backpacks.

According to Dr. Johnson, there are some proven tips for what parents can do to avoid backpack aches and pains. They are: wear backpack straps on both shoulders and not just one, put heavier books closest to the back so that it reduces awkward strain, teach your child to bend at the knees while lifting backpacks, and try to reduce the load and only carry what is necessary each day.

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