Chiropractic care offers alternative solutions to surgery and invasive procedures. Louisville chiropractor, Dr. Matt Ehrhard, discusses some techniques that date back thousands of years and how they continue to help patients today.

[USPRwire, Fri Feb 24 2006] Finally, a solution for your chronic back pain. So says Dr. Matt Ehrhard, a chiropractor from Louisville, KY who has treated about 2000 patients with back pain. "We get a lot of patients who were in chronic pain and told by their primary care physician that they really had no other option other than surgery. In many cases, we have been able to get these patients fully recovered and out of pain, without needles, drugs, or surgery. Needless to say, they're the ones very excited about chiropractic!"

Dr. Matt Ehrhard, who has been helping chronic back pain sufferers ever since he graduated from Logan Chiropractic college (Chesterfield, MO) in 2000 says, "People think chiropractic is new. But it's not. Records show that spinal manipulation can be traced back to the time of Hippocrates. Studies show that 80% of the American population will suffer back pain at some point. So this is a big problem and chiropractic offers a solution that has been around for thousands of years."

Dr. Ehrhard says that in recent years the medical community has embraced chiropractic because it offers treatment without the use of drugs or surgery. "In treating low back slipped discs, most experts agree that conservative care should be tried before surgery is considered. That's what chiropractic offers. It has a long history of effectively stopping back, neck, and shoulder pain yet doesn't require a trip to the hospital or recovery time."

Dr. Matt Ehrhard offers his first visit free of charge to anyone looking into chiropractic and how it might help them. "This way they can make an informed decision, and it doesn't cost them anything." Dr. Matt Ehrhard, D.C. is located at 2001 W Broadway suite 11, Louisville, KY 40203. He can be reached by telephone at 502-775-2273.

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