Greystone Associates Assesses the Competitive Landscape and Supply Chain Implications of Biological Drug Growth

[USPRwire, Wed Dec 16 2009] Biological drugs continue to represent one of the bright spots in an otherwise uneven pharmaceutical and biotechnology business picture. The number of recombinant candidates in development will likely sustain growth rates in this sector. But limitations in the areas of stability and routes of administration are challenging drug developers to seek out technology companies with niche capabilities that can strengthen the therapeutic footprint of protein and peptide drugs.

Currently, peptide and protein drugs are marketed almost exclusively for parenteral administration. This is because these drugs face formidable enzymatic and penetration barriers when administered orally. A limitation of the parenteral route for delivery of peptides and proteins is the extremely short half?lives of these drugs ?" in the order of a few minutes. This demands repeated administration, which is inconvenient to the patient. An early approach to resolving this issue involved controlled release parenteral formulations, where a single injection may release the drug over several weeks or longer. Other technology approaches include encapsulation, glycosylation and user-friendly delivery systems that can reconstitute lyophilized proteins without patient involvement.

Three drug classes ?" immune factors and modulators, hormones, and hematopoietics ?" account for more than half of the total global value of protein therapeutics. Future growth will be dictated in large part by the availability of technologies that (1) improve control of non-mammalian host system post-translational modification and (2) improve stability and shelf life.

Greystone Associates examines the current landscape and commercial impact of recombinant protein and peptide drug products in a recently published report, which forms a part of our Drug Delivery practice. The report analyzes the existing demand for combination drug-devices in specific markets and disease segments, and assesses key late-stage candidates and their probable impact on treatment strategies and prescribing trends. The reports also identify the key players in each therapeutic segment, describe the regulatory and commercial environment, and assess the dynamics of regulatory and managed care initiatives that will impact market development.

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