As Product Designs Evolve Medication Compliance Packaging is Gaining Traction among Healthcare Decis

From: Applied Data Research
Published: Mon Sep 27 2010

Patient noncompliance with prescribed medication has long been identified as interfering with the therapeutic effect of drug therapeutics. Although electronic means of monitoring patient compliance have been in the market for the last decade, they have not gained widespread acceptance due to a number of factors including cost, size, and the fact that until recently they did not integrate well in the medication- taking process. In the past few years, technology in the form of so-called smart packaging has gained interest as a means to achieve a higher level of data integrity and patient compliance with drug protocols. The advantage of the new generation of electronic compliance monitors is that they can be integrated into the medication process and can be considered to be increasingly patient-friendly.

All new generation medication compliance packaging products must address the design challenges associated with one or more of the four major behavioral markers of patient noncompliance with drug protocols: (1) prompts or reminders for patients who routinely and/or systematically forget to take their medication; (2) an automated form of medication reorder to address gaps in therapeutic benefit associated with patient failure to refill medication in a timely manner; (3) caregiver and/or support network notification to tacitly encourage patients to adhere to medication schedules; and (4) periodic visual reporting to reinforce positive behavior.

While medication compliance systems can benefit patients and improve therapeutic drug outcomes for any therapeutic segment, several market participants are focusing on a handful of high-profile, high-stakes segments that typically include cardiovascular and neurological drugs, drugs for treating metabolic diseases, and drugs with a significant risk associated with overdosing such as opiates prescribed for pain management.

A detailed analysis of the evolving medication compliance packaging landscape is presented in a new and comprehensive report from Applied Data Research. The report provides analysis, assessments, profiles and forecasts that provide a comprehensive view of this evolving healthcare application segment.

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