Aromatherapy Diffuser Reduces Stress During Economic Downtown

From: Chi Activate
Published: Fri May 29 2009

Chi Activate is pleased to announce a new aromatherapy diffuser. This ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser breaks down essential oils into water producing micro-particles. The aromatherapy diffuser releases a cool mist containing oxygen and ions into the room.

The aromatherapy diffuser emits high frequency ultrasound waves into the water at a frequency of 1,700,000 times/second.

The old way to enjoy the healing benefits of aromatherapy is by using an oil burner. An essential oil burner works with a tea-light candle. Essential oils are flammable, so using it around flames and heat sources may cause a fire.

To meet customer demands, Chi Activate has launched a safe and affordable aromatherapy diffuser.

With the current economy downturn, Chi Activate realizes that people are stressed out and donít have time to relax. Aromatherapy treatments and products provide an easy way for people to de-stress themselves, instead of spending excess money and time on Yoga or meditation classes.

With the objective of adding more aromatherapy products, organic body creams with aromatherapy ingredients are now available at

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