Discover superior relief for pain, insomnia, stress, digestive and respiratory problems through ancient Egyptian Acupuncuture and Vedic Medicine. Dr. Debra Arko bring these effective forms of alternative health care to the Western World and USA

[USPRwire, Sat Mar 03 2007] An Ancient form of painless acupuncture is emerging in the United States and elsewhere due to the technology boom around the world it is known as Egyptian or Vedic acupuncture. This acupuncture pre-dates Asian-Style Medicine by 2000 years by some accounts and there are only a handful of Americans trained to utilize this gentle yet highly effective form of Ancient medicine.

Vedic acupuncture is much gentler and patients report that they often feel a release of not only pain but also anger and even stress.

One of the leading authorities in Vedic or Egyptian Acupuncture is Debra Arko. She trained with a Hindu swami since she was in her teens and has over 30 years in natural health care including holding a degree in Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy. Her company Accent On Health, LLC is based in Littleton Colorado where she still practices alternative health care.

Debra though has a larger mission than just reaching out with this effective form of pain relief she also writes many articles on health, and author of several books and reports she makes available online through her website and various other websites.

While Vedic acupuncture isn’t new most people haven’t heard of it explains Debra. “That’s why it’s often called Egyptian acupuncture. Both regions have written documentation dating to 8000 B.C.E. They call for the treatment to balance the body by starting with deep massage of the meridians or pathways that run along the surface of the body and then essential oils are placed on the body where pain or other problems exist. Next Debra administers painless style of acupuncture similar to Japanese acupuncture. Once the pins are removed the patient generally will be treated with more oils that penetrate the tissue and have immediate pain relieving properties.”

She goes on to explain, “The body is electric and we produce an energy field science has proven that even though the Indians and Egyptians wrote about it thousand of years ago. The Chinese expanded on it with discovering the meridians. These pathways much like the nervous system carry signals that tell us what hurts, needs help, or even when you are under stress or having trouble sleeping.”

Vedic acupuncture is not only helpful with pain and migraines it is effective for digestive, respiratory problems and yes emotional issues like stress, PMS, insomnia and more.

Needless to say, few people have heard of Egyptian acupuncture but the science and emerging evidence of what is can do are flooding Dr. Debra’s office with patients from the USA and Canada. She has worked to research and train a few others in this form of acupuncture and herbal medicine though there still needs to be more alternative healers wanting to learn the extra steps that make this treatment form a truly different form of alternative health in a league all its’ own.

Debra personally still sees patients in her office while continuing to help at-a-distance clients through her website and phone consults. To learn more about AcuDocDeb and Accent On Health’s future business plans visit their website:

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