AnyWare Group Enhances ROAM Platform with Single Sign-On (SSO) Functionality

From: Anywaregroup
Published: Fri May 22 2009

AnyWare Group, the leading remote access provider for hospitals and healthcare organizations, today announced ROAM 5.0, the latest release of its award-winning ROAM (Role Oriented Access Management) platform. Designed to help healthcare organizations shorten hospital wait times by improving physician efficiency, ROAM 5.0 now delivers single sign-on (SSO) functionality, along with enhanced remote support tools and remote desktop access, to cost-effectively provide better access to information.

With multiple passwords required to access vital electronic information on a day-to-day basis, healthcare workers can experience "password fatigue" and lose track of their passwords, resulting in delays in information access and significant IT support costs. Help desk costs associated with password resets for an organization with 2,000 end users can range between US$170K and US$300K per year(1).

According to Krista Napier, Analyst, Canadian ICT Innovation, IDC Canada, "Healthy growth for SSO solutions is expected worldwide as compliance, infrastructure demands and user provisioning drives growth, particularly in vertical markets such as healthcare. There is an attractive market opportunity here as groups of hospitals are attempting to integrate with each other and state/provincial organizations, and reduce system variability and fragmentation while protecting patient data. Cost-effective and secure remote access solutions such as ROAM 5.0 with SSO functionality, that can help achieve this level of integration and reduce the costs of supporting remote users, should be positioned for growth in the healthcare market."

"The ability to access electronic heath information is now a critical function for our users. But as mobility requirements increase so does the password burden being placed on healthcare workers," said Derrick Jardine, CIO of FacilicorpNB. "The ability to access all of our applications using ROAM is of tremendous value to FacilicorpNB. Its single sign-on capability has reduced calls to our help desk and improved our overall user experience."

ROAM 5.0 also offers an expanded level of integration with Active Directory; integrates with third-party portlets; and can deliver information from other applications to the portal desktop. In addition, ROAM 5.0 includes business services for remote desktop support and remote access for users' personal and business PCs.

More than 100 hospitals throughout North America today are using the ROAM clientless remote access platform to shorten hospital wait times; improve physician efficiency; and deliver consistent health services regardless of geography by providing a single secure access point for healthcare information regardless of the physical location. Regional systems, such as iEHR systems, PACS repositories and dictation systems, are presented within the same portal as local systems residing in the hospitals such as MEDITECH, Cerner, AGFA PACS, etc.

"With our focus on healthcare and customer service, we designed ROAM 5.0 to help healthcare customers with the projects and challenges they face today, including improving the quality of care and reducing the time to care through better access to information." said Rob Lalonde, chief executive officer, AnyWare Group. "By combining ROAM's proven integration track record with its ability to provide SSO into applications such as Citrix, MEDITECH, PACS and others, ROAM 5.0 provides the most complete remote access solution available for healthcare."

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