Announcing our First International Homeopathic Congress, New Delhi, 8-10 April 2016, Vivanta by Taj

From: International Homeopathic Congress
Published: Thu Mar 30 2017

The International Homoeopathic Foundation set up to promote Homeopathy as one of the best solutions to modern day ailments is hosting its first ever conference ??" The International Homoeopathic Congress, in New Delhi. Scheduled to be held at the lovely Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka, from 08-10 April, 2016. This Congress is bringing together physicians from different fields ??" a first in homeopathic conferences.

‘We want to create an even platform for our physicians and change perceptions about Homeopathy with the end users”, says Dr. Amita Arora, Organizing Secretary, IHC 2016. “One of the reasons we chose a five-star hotel is to give our field the much needed place it deserves.”

“Homeopathy is one field that treats the whole person through knowledge of their physiology, their mental make up, their lifestyle, family and any other factors that affect them, says Dr. R. N. Wahi, Co-Founder IHF. “Our Aim at IHF is to create a place for exchange of information, research, study, enquiry and generate useable data that can be used not only by our doctors, students and pharma, but also by allied sciences.”

At the IHC 2016, we hope to showcase to our delegates some of the most path-breaking things that are happening in Homeopathy but also in Allopathy, Psychiatry and other fields. “Our three-day Congress is themed “Expanding Horizons of Homoeopathy” under which the subthemes cater to modern lifestyle disorders, problems created by deteriorating environment as well as physiological changes affected by psychological impacts,” says Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma ??" who is main force behind both the Congress and the International Homoeopathic Foundation. Dr. Sharma further goes to say, “this is the first time we are inviting practitioners from other fields so that we can learn from each other and offer our patients the best available options”.

With these topics we cover everything from lifestyle disorders to the main illnesses which country is facing as well as the world. We hope that bringing these learned speakers in front of such a large audience of experienced doctors will have a far reaching impact, says Dr. Sharma. More details about topics and speakers could be accessed by the official website of the congress @

Apart from the Congress, which may become a yearly event held in different venues, Dr. Arora said that IHF is committed to grow a strong base in the region as well as in the rest of the world. Through individuals, associations and strategic alliances, IHF will spread its message across our world.

“With a strong social media presence and a growing membership, IHF is slated to be a game changer in the field of Homeopathy. The Government offering such great support to alternatives sciences, we see growth at IHF and our Congresses”, concluded Dr. Amita Arora.

International Homoeopathic Foundation, a Section '8' Company was set up to promote and make Homeopathy more accessible and easily acceptable in the world. The basic tenets of the Foundation include promotion of homeopathy in all aspects and across substrata of socio economic groups. From guiding students to assisting research, Government liaising to funding studies. With a base in India, the Foundation hopes to grow in stages through the region and then across the world.

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