Analyst Briefing Presentation on the Global Autoimmune Treatment Market to be held on 15th Sep 2009.

From: MarketsandMarkets
Published: Tue Sep 08 2009

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a new challenge with increasing complexities of diseases and drugs for these diseases. Autoimmune disorders are the result of overactive immune response of a body that works against its own cells. There are around 80 clinically-proven autoimmune diseases; and in 2009 over 300 million patients across the globe suffer from these disorders. No defined reasons have been discovered to date for the occurrence of these diseases. The research for the diagnosis of the autoimmune diseases and permanent cure is the next target for the pharmaceutical companies. The main market is the application market i.e. the treatment of these autoimmune diseases. The drugs as the mainstream treatment for the autoimmune disorders are the largest revenue generator product category and in services drug development is largest market. Main companies in the autoimmune treatment market are Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Amgen, Merck Serono, Johnson & Johnson and Abbott. The main market in the next five years will be drugs, therapy and monitoring, drug development and consultation and diagnosis for the treatment of various diseases.

The briefing on the Global Autoimmune Treatment Market (2009-2014) will benefit the drug manufacturers, therapeutic and diagnostic equipment manufacturers, researchers and consultation and therapy service providers

“In the next five years be the extensive research by the big pharmaceutical players we can expect new drugs for the permanent cure for most of these diseases” notes MarketsandMarkets. “The unknown cause of these diseases is one of the biggest hurdle in the treatment however the clinical research for the spotting the causes of these diseases will resolve this hurdle also.”

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