An Alternative to the High Cost of Long-Term Care for Seniors: Bay Alarm Medical Leads the Way

From: Bay Alarm Medical
Published: Thu Apr 30 2009

For older Americans, those who are 65 or older and live alone, there is a high risk of being found helpless or even lifeless in their homes - at least 3.2 percent per year, according to recent data. Currently, as the US population continues to age, more than 400,000 seniors are expected to be at risk each year.

Bay Alarm Medical ( ) is helping seniors and their families find a solution to this growing problem by providing 24/7 access to emergency medical response with the touch of a button. According to Bay Alarm Medical CEO Warren Heffelfinger, "We offer a low cost solution - approximately $1 a day - that brings peace of mind by ensuring that help is always there.

At a time when aging baby boomers are becoming concerned about their ability to avoid the costs and loss of freedom that come from depending on long-term care, the use of an effective medical alert system has been proven to increase independent living by several years.

As we move into a new era of health care reform, finding a cost-effective alternative to long-term care is one of the most important challenges the nation and its families face. In the Bay Area alone, it costs $8500 a month for a private room in a nursing home. It is quite clear that there are very practical reasons for using services like those that Bay Alarm Medical offers. Government provides only very limited, partial solutions. In California, for example, Medi-Cal will pay for long-term care only under certain circumstances - you have to qualify by having a net worth of under $3000 and there are only a limited number of beds available. Independent living is an affordable and feasible solution to providing seniors with maximum autonomy and dignity.

Catherine Del Biaggio, a Bay Alarm Medical subscriber, said recently, "I fell down not long ago, pressed a button, and before I knew it, everything was taken care of. It worked well and it worked quickly. Having a medical alarm system has given me such reassurance. I am so glad to have Bay Alarm Medical to help me in case of an emergency."

Bay Alarm Medical can respond to medical emergencies promptly, efficiently, and reliably. ( ) Backed by Bay Alarm, the San Francisco area's most successful vendor of burglary alarm systems, Bay Alarm Medical brings high quality service and reliability to the medical alert marketplace.

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Bay Alarm Medical provides peace of mind for seniors, their children, and their caregivers by providing a system that will bring a ready response to any medical emergency. Funded by Bay Alarm, which provides home and fire protection for customers throughout California, Bay Alarm Medical began offering its medical alert system in 2008. Contact Bay Alarm Medical at 1-877-522-9633 or visit their web site -

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