Adventure “X” Boot Camp hits the Inland Empire like a Shoe Sale at Nordstrom Rack

From: Inland Empire Boot Camp
Published: Wed Feb 22 2006

Molli & Tony Rathstone started this program as an extension of their regular boot camp, “we wish to promote safe, environmentally-friendly and supportive events for women throughout the Inland Empire” says Tony. Not everyone is capable of attending our early morning boot camp so we started Adventure “X” so the women of the Inland Empire could experience, rejuvenating and challenging adventures to renew the spirit and strengthen the body. realizes that staying healthy and fit is about more than an early morning experience at Boot Camp or a run on the treadmill at the local gym, it is rather a lifestyle. Our Adventure “X” program is comprised of Morning, Afternoon and Evening One Day Adventures

These activities combine outdoor adventure, a healthy lifestyle and inspiration for the body, mind and spirit connection, all in one experience. Depending on the month, activities may include: Hiking, Trail Running, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Swimming, Ropes Course, Yoga, and Dance.

The adventures are open to all women and very in fees from FREE to the actual cost of the activity. (Http:// makes no profit from these adventures)

Women only programs are being created all across the country because people recognize a need for a different type of program than the traditional outdoor recreation program or gym. “Our new Adventure “X” Adventures have responded to these needs by creating women only programs that provide education, support, communication and trust as well as physical challenges” says Molli

Ladies are openly encouraged to playfully explore at their own pace and level of challenge these adventures. Although most of these adventures are free of charge some due have a small fee that ranges from $10 to $20 dollars.

Molli & Tony Rathstone are available for candid and informative interviews on health and fitness.

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