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Published: Thu Feb 26 2009

Advanced Technology Laser Center has been leading the way in skin care industry, since it was established couple of decades back. The variety in services available at the center has been amongst the reasons for our popularity over such a period. The services available for you at personalized skin treatment include laser hair removal, collagen stimulation, skin tightening, rosacea, photo facials and skin rejuvenation. Apart from these, we also provide wrinkle treatment, medical spa, tattoo removal, chemical peels, lymphatic drainage and eyelash extension.

Since our establishment in 1987, Advanced Technology Laser Center has been diligently providing benefits to you, which were not only long lasting but economical too. In case, you are skeptical about treatments to be done on your skin, you can opt for our customized and personalize skin care. This feature is amongst the reasons why we have been quite popular with our patients. Again, we offer committed and goal-oriented treatments, which target every patient individually. The treatments, which we provide, are in sync with your skin features and sensitivity. This is one of the reasons, why many regard our center reliable.

We have been consistently engaging ourselves in delivering the best laser hair removal features to you. All our staffs and experts at Advanced Technology Laser Centre have experience in Boston laser hair removal. We offer hair removal technologies at affordable rates. Moreover, our services are provided for a variety in skins and colors, so you have no reason to be skeptical while planning for a visit. Alexandrite Laser and YAG Laser are amongst the high quality lasers, which we use at our center. These lasers have received approval from FDC for their reliability and efficiency. Again, we also put into use a patent cooling system for laser hair removal Boston. Thus, your experience at our center is bound to be safe.

Apart from hair removal, we also provide a variety in facial care, which includes ultrasonic facial, teen facial, advanced signature facial and acne facial. All of them are basically meant for treating every superficial blemish that you have on your face. Again, it can also provide you with deep pore cleansing. Another type of facial care, wrinkle lift, is meant to provide you with fast skin freshness by activating the available enzymes and speeding up cellular turnover.

Skin tightening processes in Advanced Technology Laser Centre involves effective usage of laser technology. This laser treatment aims for being the best processes of achieving smoother and younger skin without using any surgical treatment. The available treatments are flexible depending upon the severity of your problems. However, you must prevent sun exposure for a fortnight following the treatment. Photo facial skin rejuvenation helps to diffuse all the places with redness, sunspots and pigmentation. You can use these treatments for different body parts including face, neck, chest, arms and hands.

Experts in our centre include doctors, who have graduated from Electronic Institute of England & Medical field. Each of them has the ability of giving excellent skin treatment for a younger and attractive you.

At Advanced Technology Laser Centre, you are sure to get the best-personalized skin treatments. So, get an appointment today and give your screen a refreshed look!

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