AKI Pharma launched its new corporate website on 2nd June 2015 so as to make its presence on the internet.

[USPRwire, Wed Jun 10 2015] AKI Pharma launched its new corporate website on 2nd June 2015 so as to make its presence on the internet. AKI Pharma is one of the most renowned generic medicines supplier in India. While they deal in almost all generic medicines, their core focus is on providing world-class medicines on men’s sexual health such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and sexual debility, etc. AKI Pharma mainly deals in vardenafil, tadalafil, dapoxetine, and sildenafil. In fact, the company claims that in erectile dysfunction generic medicines supplier, they rank among the top companies in India.

“We aim to be the most sought after companies that deal with generic medicines supply. We understand the grave need for certain medicines that are affordable, but do not compromise on the quality. Men’s sexual health is widely known issue these days and the medicines available for this ailment are costlier,” company’s spokesperson said.

AKI Pharma supplies all anabolic steroids across the world. It is accredited by the local authentic bodies and is licensed to sell the said products. The aim to launch its corporate website is to reach awider audience across the world. “We want to reach every person suffering from health issues and help him by supplying cheap medicines without compromising only the quality. And, we think, internet is the best medium,” the marketing manager of AKI Pharma revealed.

The generic drugs supplier is very much into this industry for past several years. They have separate teams to research on generic drugs, market demand, and regulatory or quality assurance. To meet the ever-growing demands of men’s sexual health drugs, they indulged in supplying generic medicines that were cheaper and still of great quality.

“The website is designed in a way that it is easy to navigate and simple to access. On the website, we have specified each of our product that we currently deal in, and also the products that we are coming up in thefuture. The visitor can place an order and pay us online. We’ll ship their goods, and the buyer can get it at their doorsteps,” the marketing manager finished.

AKI Pharma, a reliable exporter from India, aims to come up with many other generic medicines but as of now, they focus on supplying generic ED medicines and other related men’s sexual health drugs at cheaper prices with no compromise on qualities.

Company: Aki Pharma
Contact Name: Raj Kapadia
Contact Email: care@akipharma.com

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