Presidential Candidate Imperato on Syria, Al-Assad, Cease-Fire in Iraq

Today, 2008 Presidential Candidate, Daniel Imperato called on the American people and the people of the Middle East to give credit where credit is due.

[USPRwire, Thu Feb 08 2007] Recently, Syria's President, Bashar Al-Assad, told ABC's Good Morning America that he and Syria could help mediate in Iraq with support from the US and other states in the region.

"I have spoken on the subject of our administration and the strategy that should have taken pertaining to the fine young president of Syria Bashar al-Assad.," Imperato stated.

Going back as early as October of 2005, Imperato stated that Bashar Al-Assad has the key to Middle East Peace (See "Imperato Comments on CNN's Christiane Amanpour, Syria…" October 2005.

At the time the US administration, and most recognized politicians, had turned their backs on Al-Assad , due to the pending UN investigation on the previous administration in Syria.

"I have been silent on the issues and the "Polished-ticians" viewpoints , especially on the presidential candidates, because, I am concerned the majority of the candidates cannot hold the weight of the US on their shoulders , for the people of our country," stated Imperato.

"With the exception of a potential few, my feeling is that my knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of the Middle East region is far ahead of anyone else, specifically pertaining to peace in the Middle East."

In addition to Syria being the key to the Middle East peace process, Imperato also called for the US to embrace Al-Assad, who came into power with no political experience, and who called for US support.

"Back some time ago I called on our president to embrace Bashar Al Assad; as you can see in my previous press releases. I once again have been silent , because I am not receiving the credit or the recognition from the press that I should have, because I am an independent candidate. History proves itself again, and documented facts of statements solidify that my intelligence in the Middle East is excellent. The information that I provided to the people of the USA, and our administration, has proven itself once again."

Also, Imperato reiterated his call for cease-fire in Iraq, as well as his repayment plan for US taxpayer's by Iraq.

"I also called on our administration to implement a cease-fire immediately to stop the bloodshed. Then I called them to come up with a formula for the repayment of billions of dollars of US taxpayers' money by way of an "Oil for US Help" program. I will be traveling to meet with political leaders , pertaining to the subject at hand, and will continue my endeavors to provide the people of the US a professional strategy in diplomacy , as seen with my previous requests."

Recently, Imperato has been less active on issuing press releases, because he would like the opportunity to debate the 2008 presidential candidates , who are not recognizing the solutions to the world's problems, and, who are trying take credit for ideas that are not their own."

"My silence has been purposely kept until such time that we have the ability to debate the "polished-ticians" face-to-face , in a public forum. They believe that they can run the US as the next president in 2008, the leader of the free world, which I highly question and would like the opportunity to go toe-to-toe on the issues and the solutions."

"I look forward to the support of the people of the USA, and hope and pray that our President George W. Bush , and our people, realize that they should call on my help to make progress in the Middle East and the rest of the world."

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