Hillsborough County's Dinosaur: Civil Service

From: Eclectic Media Productions
Published: Wed Mar 10 2010

Out of 67 counties in the State of Florida, Hillsborough County stands alone as the only one remaining with a Civil Service department.

"We are amid hard economic times," said Florida House candidate (District 47), Brian Blair, "and we need to conduct an immediate, internal performance audit on our Civil Service department."

According to Blair, the county commissioners promised a small efficient budget, but he believes that such an audit would reveal wasteful spending created by the Civil Service agency.

"We already have a strong Human Resource division and Civil Service unnecessarily duplicates many of the normal HR tasks," added Blair.

"The 3.7 million dollars budgeted for Civil Service is not my biggest concern. It's squandered money created by simply having the agency at all.

It takes way too long to fill a vacant position and way too long to get rid of a poor performing employee.

"Most recently" relayed Blair, "it came to my attention that a man was getting a nice salary to co-ordinate events. Then I found out that he gets another salary to attend the events that he's supposed to co-ordinate. I don't see that as anything but wasteful spending."

"In another instance, it took six months to terminate a man who was guilty of stealing from the department. Again, that's a waste of tax payer dollars.

"Our tax dollars are valuable, but I still hear about inflated salaries being given to entry level positions. I'm very concerned because around 80% of our budget is labor and we can't continue to just throw money away with over-compensation by Civil Service.

"I have nothing against the Civil Service but their salaries look like a payroll on steroids. In my opinion, the Civil Service in our county is costing tax payers millions and millions in unnecessary spending."

"This exemplifies one of the reasons that I want to go to Tallahassee; we need to empower governments like counties and school boards to cut deadbeats.

"Our precious tax dollars are for the needy, not for the greedy."

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Political advertisement paid for and approved by Brian Blair, Republican, for State House, District 47.

District 47 covers the majority of Northwest Hillsborough County.
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