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From: Aquabar, Inc.
Published: Mon Jul 10 2006

Aquabar (www.aquabar.ws), popularly known for severing up the latest in hydration, has announced the arrival of David Rio fine Chai Tea products. David Rio Chai Teas are just one of the new arrivals to the Aquabar. In addition to new teas, Aquabar has expanded it’s portfolio with three new fine waters; Antipodes & Waiwera from New Zealand and OGO Oxygen Water from Belgium and PURITY Organic, a juice made from fresh organic fruit in four brilliant flavors.

David Rio Organic Masala Chai is a spirited blend of tea and aromatic spices in the tradition of India’s masala chai. To the classic blend, David Rio has added organic Matcha, the ceremonial green tea powder of Japan. Matcha contains more than three times the antioxidants of other green teas, making a cup as healthful as it is satisfying. As for their Loose Leaf Tea line, it is truly different. With a focus mostly on green and Japanese teas that are hand craft into superior blends. The premiere ingredient is Matcha, The high quality Matcha adds a distinct flavor and is better for your body than “regular” green tea. Antioxidents from Matcha are ingested, giving the drinker an incredibly healthful beverage. The blends, fragrances and style are unique. You can indulge your senses in one of 12 fantastic tea flavors.

“I selected Chai based products because they have more benefits than coffee or other caffeinated products. A cup of coffee has about 55 milligrams of caffeine whereas the same cup of chai would have about 10-15 milligrams. Additionally, Chai has been used in the Asia for a much longer time and is considered a stress reliever and soother.” ??" Jason Boarde, CEO

Staying true to it’s health conscious roots, Aquabar brings in PURITY.Organic™ too. PURITY.Organic™ is made from the fresh organic fruit found in nature. Fruits so pure with organic quality so nourishing, PURITY is a wholesome and tasty treat that can be enjoyed by the entire family. PURITY flavors are available exclusively in 16-oz PET bottles. All PURITY.Organic™ juices are flash pasteurized to ensure a one-year shelf life with no additives or preservatives. PURITY is simply pure natural fruit juice.

In the water department, Aquabar has collected more award winning products than any other marketer or online distributor. OGO Oxygen Water, Antipodes and Waiwera Infinity Water, a micro water that offers accelerated hydration are all new additions.

OGO Oxygen Water is popular in high-end spas, hotels and bars throughout Europe and is known for increasing oxygen levels in the body. Increased oxygen improves performance and bodily activities such as Brian functions and blood flow. OGO Oxygenwater has an oxygen content of up to 200 mg per liter,which is over 35 times that of regular mineral waters. Drawn from a single source OGO uses one of the purest and lightest mineral waters in Europe. Presented in its award winning spherical bottle like an oxygen bubble, OGO Oxygenwater is a source of well-being and vitality.
In it’s modern, crisp, clean and elegant bottle, The Antipodes water is a recent gold medal winner of The Berkeley Springs International water tasting contest. This award winning water is now available in the U.S. through Aquabar (www.aquabar.ws). The Antipodes water comes from a 1000 feet deep pressured aquifer and has a residency of about 50 years while filtering through a sub strata of ignimbrite. The area of recharge for the aquifer is the Rotoma Hills, which has a historically low human population density, less than 1 person per 250 acre, with no commercial or industrial activity. What separates Antipodes from other international brands is its presentation. The bottle expresses simple, but elegant form and is a modern take on the old fashioned New Zealand beer flask.
Waiwera, pronounced “Why-Wer-Ra” may have a funny name, but this award winning mineral water was first bottled and sold at The Waiwera Thermal Resort in the 1870s. People came from all around the world "to take the waters" at Waiwera. The Naturally Hot Mineral Water bubbled out of the ground and visitors bathed in and drank the water deriving considerable benefits from doing so. In 1875, (four years before the French first bottled and sold Evian) Waiwera Mineral Water was bottled in a flat green glass bottle and sold around the hotels in Auckland. The water was advertised in the New Zealand Herald in 1875 as "An invigorating and cooling draught and purifier of the blood." Waiwera Infinity Water is also a micro water; you hydrate faster. Reduced size of hydrogen clusters assist in the hydration of the body cells more rapidly and efficiently.
To learn more about Aquabar or it’s new product line, please visit www.aquabar.ws or contact the company.

AQUABAR is a unique company based in Beverly Hills that markets, promotes and distributes the latest designer beverages. We research and test the coolest and the best brands from around the globe, ensuring that our portfolio is always on the fringe, offering our customers the latest in hydration. We work with beverage companies, helping them further develop their brand, position them in the marketplace, develop distribution channels and provide a convenient online Hydration Boutique for customers interested in making an immediate purchase.


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