Good Tasting Gluten-free Foods Hard to Find for Those with Celiac Disease

From: Blue Chip Group, Inc.
Published: Mon Jun 04 2007

Until recently, a gluten-free diet has often meant expensive foods that do not taste very good.

The millions of people with celiac disease now have a resource that enables them to eat a fairly “normal” diet of familiar foods that taste good thanks to a company that has developed a line of gluten-free foods that can be purchased in bulk to save money.

“We have dedicated a major portion of the resources of our company, Blue Chip Group, to provide foods that make life more enjoyable for those who must eat gluten-free foods,” explained Jeff Augason of Blue Chip Group.

Blue Chip Group began in 1972 when Augason's father, Phil Augason, created a nutritious, economical whey-based milk alternative, which he named "Morning Moos" (tm). The family-owned company has continually expanded to provide bulk foods for regular consumption and for storage, and has recently added a line of gluten-free foods that people with celiac disease are saying is a dream come true. The foods taste great, and are economically available in bulk.

The company offers bulk gluten-free flours, flour mixes, bread mixes and pancake mixes. Augason said they are soon to offer a gluten-free soup mix.

Gluten-free products currently available include items such as bread, pancake, bases, beans, baking powder, ascorbic acid, butter milk powder, butter powder, cheese sauce, chocolate chips, dried milks, flavorings, fruits, lecithin, margin powder, nuggets, oils, pizza, pasta, spice, popcorn, potatoes, raisins, seasonings, shorten powder, and sour cream powder.

“When the only treatment for your condition is to eat gluten-free, your whole world becomes a challenge, and an expense. We do our best to make life easier, and less expensive for those with this condition,” said Augason.

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Founded in 1972 by Phil Augason, Blue Chip Group, Inc. is a family-owned business that provides high quality storage foods in bulk quantities to save money, and help customers prepare for troubled times. The company has grown into a thriving enterprise with 20 employees and a growing customer base throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and more.

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