Two juniors at John Brown University enjoy 10 Thousand BC™ a luxury bottled glacier water distributed by Fine Water Imports.

[USPRwire, Fri Nov 17 2006] The neighborhood grocery store is sure to carry a variety of water brands: Dasani, Aquafina and Ozarka are just a few. While most students purchase the brand that is most affordable, juniors Micah Williams and Travis Nelson raise their noses at any water that is not approved by the Fine Water Imports Incorporated, an organization that markets foreign waters.

Williams and Nelson, both self-proclaimed water connoisseurs, argue that a person's selection of drinking water should be made thoughtfully with more in mind than financial cost.

Williams and Nelson became passionate about water this summer after Nelson purchased a bottle of Voss water. Both men were intrigued by the frosted glass bottle and fresh, crisp taste of the water.

They began researching fine waters online and discovered a market of foreign, elitist water brands that could not be found at the local stores. Last week, Williams and Nelson ordered a 12 bottle case of 10 Thousand BC, a luxury water that comes in a corked bottle and is said to have been taken from an ancient glacier.

The cost of the case of water was $107.

“I believe that only the purist water optimally hydrates the body, reduces anxiety, heightens brain functions and stimulates sex drive,” Williams said.

There are six different types of fine water that Williams and Nelson plan to try. After they finish with 10 Thousand BC, they will order Lauquen, a water from Patagonia that claims to be the lightest water in the world with zero nitrates and zero sodium.

“There is just something classy about fine water,” Nelson said.

He added that because wine tasting is not allowed on the John Brown University campus, he and Williams reverted to what was most “natural.”

“Water is the essence of life,” Nelson said. “You can't get much more pure than water.”

Williams and Nelson hope to hold a water tasting event in the University's art gallery. The event will be a formal affair, they said, with a short guest list. Water and dainty treats, such as gourmet cheese and crackers, will be provided. A date for the event has not been set.

Williams and Nelson are also in the process of starting a fine water club on campus. Williams said the club will exist to provide students with an environment to appreciate and extol the value of fine water.

Nelson added that there are only two other campuses in the United States that have an official fine water club. They are located in New York and Oregon.

Nelson invited anyone interested in joining the club, or those just in need of a fresh glass of water to stop by their room in J. Alvin.

This story distributed through the courtesy of Emily Moberly, News Editor for The Threefold Advocate at John Brown University Journalism Department. She may be reached at MoberlyE@JBU.Edu <mailto:MoberlyE@JBU.Edu

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