Is it true that Martha Stewart, queen of all things domestic, is now able to divine the fortunes of her studio audience? It appears so, when custom fortune cookies made it into Martha's hands at the last second, thanks to and Jennifer 8. Lee, author of the just released "Fortune Cookie Chronicles".

[USPRwire, Fri Feb 27 2009] Amazing food and desserts, decadent wedding cakes, entertaining and home decorating are all the forte of Martha Stewart. Now the reigning Domestic Goddess appears to be breaking into the realm of fortune telling as well. How has she made the transition from a mere queen to a divination expert, predicting the future of her audience? A small family-owned business in Indianapolis made the seemingly improbable task quite possible.

"Custom fortune cookies provide the unique opportunity for anyone to predict the future -- even Martha Stewart," says Mike Fry, CEO and founder of Fancy Fortune Cookies, bakers of gourmet custom fortune cookies. "Add the concept of personalization to the traditional fortune cookie... now people can quickly and easily create their own predictions for the future."

When Jennifer 8. Lee was invited to appear on the Martha Stewart Show to discuss her book on Chinese-American culture and cuisine, Martha Stewart sought out a custom fortune cookie company. Martha was determined to be a fortune teller for her audience.

Producers from the show contacted at least 3 different fortune cookie companies to have the custom cookies made to meet Martha's tight deadline. Only one company responded. Fancy Fortune Cookies ( ).

Rushed to the show the day of the taping, custom fortune cookies were put into Martha's hands just in time to glimpse the future for her audience.

Audience anticipation was high as Martha announced she was going to reveal their fortune. She reached out to grasp an innocent looking, traditional vanilla-almond fortune cookie. The only sound in the studio was the snap of a freshly baked cookie and the sliding of the fortune from its midst.

Grasping the fortune between the fingers of her right hand, cookie held tightly in the other - Martha pulled the fortune free from the cookie and read, "Everyone in your studio audience is getting a $25 gift certificate to Chinatown Brasserie!"

Excited applause filled the room as she sampled the treat. The old wives' tale declares that a fortune only comes true if you eat the fortune cookie from which it came. And Martha Stewart never disappoints.

"Since most fortune cookie companies on the web don't actually bake their fortune cookies in house, they are unable to help someone who has a tight deadline," says Erin Jump, customer service representative and key account manager at Fancy Fortune Cookies. "We make our custom fortune cookies in house. So we can meet any deadline, working side-by-side with our clients. Even if you don't have Martha Stewart's celebrity status, predicting the future is easy. And so is your custom fortune cookie's delivery date."

Martha Stewart's audience witnessed a unique event today when she opened on-air a fortune cookie to predict her audiences future. Being the queen of all things domestic isn't very realistic for most of us, but now Martha Stewart has shown us just how easy it can be to predict the future for your friends, families, and imaginary TV audiences.

What will be the next fortune cookie prediction? Perhaps the next thing we will hear is the innocent little fortune cookie predicting the end of the economic meltdown.

"Thanks, Fancy Fortune Cookies ( ) for providing the custom fortune cookies featured in today's segment," says Charla McGlynn, Associate Producer of The Martha Stewart Show. "Many thanks!"

While custom fortune cookies have been on the market for a number of years, only recently have mass-customized fortune cookies become available in small batches ( ) to the general public. This cookie revolution is pioneered by the invention of the automated fortune cookie machine. Even so, there are few fortune cookie bakeries, and only one or two that specialize in creating custom fortune cookies specific to their clients' needs.

Custom fortune cookies can be ordered online and shipped worldwide by visiting the Fancy Fortune Cookies web site ( )

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Fancy Fortune Cookies is the original gourmet flavored fortune cookie gift company, for Valentine's Day and every occasion. Owner Mike Fry is a former Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown turned inventor. Today, Fancy Fortune Cookies provides more than 25 colorful and delicious fortune cookie flavors for celebrities, movie stars and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

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