Llanllyr (pronounced ‘thlanthlyr’) Source is a premium-bottled water that has been drawn since 1180 AD from the same springs beneath certified organic farmland in Llanllyr, Wales, and will now be available in Canada as of October 2006.

[USPRwire, Wed Sep 27 2006] Aqua Distribution Inc. and Llanllyr Source Ltd. finalized a deal which will finally introduce Llanllyr Source Spring Water on the Canadian market. The deal includes exclusivity on import and distribution of all four formats of brand (Still water 750ml and 330ml, Carbonated 750ml and 330ml), and marketing through media, trade shows, and advertisement.

Aqua Distribution Inc. is a Montreal based company established in January 2005, specialized in the importation and distribution of premium-bottled waters from around the world. Aqua Distribution Inc. exports a couple of their key products to distributors in the United States. Currently Aqua Distribution Inc. carries twenty-three different brands of water originating from thirteen different countries. Some of Aqua Distributions’ key clients include the MGM Grand casino and Hotel, the Regent Wilshire Beverly Hills Hotel, AquaBar Inc. (distribution in California), Fine Water Imports (distribution in Las Vegas), Shoppers Drug Mart (in Canada), Holt Renfrew, and the list goes on.

Llanllyr Source Ltd. is a Welsh based company which started bottling its pure water in 1999. Llanllyr is drawn from a farmland in western Wales that was owned for centuries by a Cistercian nunnery back to the year 1180. Today, two recent springs on the land are used as the points of effluence. The water bears a 5.75 pH, classifying it on the acidic side of the 7.0 pH median, but the unusual aspect of its chemistry is the extremely low total dissolved solids, placing Llanllyr in the "pure" category of natural waters. It has a taste very distinct from the other Welsh waters. Llanllyr's quietly sophisticated glass packaging has also helped transform this boutique producer into an emerging favorite among world water connoisseurs. In addition, compared to brands and packagings of similar quality, Llanllyr is something of a bargain from a price standpoint. Available in still and sparkling. Try it, enjoy it, and you and your guests will experience something both very special.

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