Hiker Creates Website to Illustrate Stupid People Doing Stupid Stuff

From: ThisIsJustStupid.com
Published: Mon Sep 17 2007

A Phoenix Arizona hiker who had experienced one stupid incident too many launched a website recently to expose stupidity at all levels. The hiker, who frequently enjoys visiting the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, launched ThisIsJustStupid.com in order to draw attention to the stupidity that he encountered once too often.

Living in a region rich in natural beauty and wildlife, he got fed up with the many stupid mistakes made by others who visited the Phoenix Mountain Preserve area near his home. But the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back for this hiker was the misguided attempt by other hikers to keep the environment clean: by bagging up dog feces in plastic, and then leaving the plastic bag behind.

“Think about this,” the site creator said, “Someone hiked through the Preserve and felt that it was important to bag up his dog's poo. Nice on a city street, but is it really necessary in the wild, where coyotes roam, and definitely don't bag their own waste? But this hiker completely defeated the purpose of bagging his pet's waste when he decided to leave the plastic, non-biodegradable bag behind on the side of the trail! He had actually made matters worse; it was just stupid.”

“Can you imagine if everyone did this? Our wildlife areas would be littered with little plastic bags that prevent the natural animal waste in them from bio-degrading.”

It was at this point that a website and an idea were born. The disgusted hiker went home, registered a domain name and posted a picture of the bag of waste with a sign above it declaring, “This is Just Stupid,” so that it was very clear just how thoughtless the transgressor was. An invitation on the website asks others to submit their own examples of human stupidity in any form. The hope of the site owner and is wife is that by calling people on their stupidity, they may curb it just a bit.

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