The 2010 World CTL Conference, the main worldwide meeting on the production of fuels, natural gas and chemical products from coal and biomass, will be held in Beijing from April 13 to 15.

[USPRwire, Fri Jan 29 2010] The 2010 World CTL Conference, the main worldwide meeting on the production of fuels, natural gas and chemical products from coal and biomass, will be held in Beijing from April 13 to 15. Coal-To-Liquids (CTL) and other conversion processes are opening up huge strategic prospects. They also represent essential issues in terms of technology, sustainable development and competitiveness. These topics will be at the heart of discussions between the research scientists, politicians and industrialists expected at the conference, which will be followed by a tour of three conversion plants in Inner Mongolia.

Jamg, Jiutai, Lu’an, Shenhua, Yitai -- these latest conversion units are all located in China, and some of them represent world firsts. World CTL has invited their managers to share practical information about them. The program, to which energy leaders and conversion specialists will also be contributing, is available on

At the close of the discussions, the 2010 World CTL Award will be presented to Mr. Zhang Jiming, vice president of Shenhua Liquefaction, for the contribution his work on direct conversion has made to the knowledge and development of CTL.

After three days of conferences, April 16 will be devoted to touring three plants in Inner Mongolia, an hour and a half by plane from Beijing: Shenhua’s direct coal liquefaction plant, Yitai’s indirect coal liquefaction plant and Jiutai’s plant for methanol and DME production from coal.

"After [previous editions in] Paris and Washington, we are delighted to be organizing the 2010 World CTL in Beijing and Inner Mongolia, since China is the country undergoing the most rapid development in our industry. Industrialists and research scientists are now showing us that they support this choice," says Serge Périneau, president of the World CTL 2010 Conference.

Coal liquefaction is a subject of growing interest today. 30% of the diesel and petrol consumed in South Africa are now produced from coal. The U.S. Air Force is continuing its flight trials using this type of fuel, and will have tested its entire fleet by the end of 2011. The world leader in coal production, Shenhua, started up its first CTL unit in 2008, with a capacity of 20,000 barrels per day.

In strategic terms, reducing energy dependence on crude oil and gas has become a priority, because these have limited reserves spread unevenly throughout the world, in contrast to coal and biomass, which can now be converted to liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons by current technologies. As these processes are still little applied, it is essential for research scientists and industrialists to share their experiences.

The use of coal, the most carbonaceous of fossil fuels, involves major environmental stakes through its very nature. The increasingly accurate assessment of greenhouse gas emissions makes it possible to compare several energy routes. It notably shows the benefits to the environment of coupling CTL with CCS (carbon capture and storage). New technological breakthroughs are being studied in terms of the environment, which will be discussed during the conference.

Because of their complexity, conversion processes necessitate huge investments. The profitability of projects will depend on their location and variations in the price of oil and coal.

Given the strategic, technological, environmental and economic issues at stake, everyone is aware that efficient solutions will be found by sharing points of view and making a success of partnerships, often on an international scale. The mission of the World CTL Conference is to foster these exchanges.

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