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[USPRwire, Thu Oct 30 2008] With all recent news headlines about the mortgage crisis, real estate foreclosures, investment bank problems, and stock market crashes, you are probably aware that the government bailouts are not enough to fix this broken economy. So you can now take matters into your own hands to help prevent another economic depression by giving out billion dollar bailouts online in our fun, free economic bailout game at is an online game where you can give huge bailout packages to mortgage companies, banks, investment companies, airlines, car companies, and more. If they pay you back, you make a profit, if the bailout fails, you lose money. You can also earn additional money by speculating in the stock market and getting high scores on bailout related video games.

The goal of the game is to compete against other players to prevent the economy from collapsing and still make as much money for yourself as possible. No signup or registration is required, so go to today and start playing.

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