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Published: Thu Aug 27 2009

Just when Halloween costumes couldn't get any more outrageous, http://www.costumecauldron.com an online costume provider for e-surfers, releases a revamped combo of two classics. The 2009 Halloween costume release "My Angelic Wife is the Devil!", combines one half angel costume and the other half devil, to form the punch line of an age old joke, seemingly shared amongst husbands the world over.

Matthew Lester the president of Costume Cauldron professes the play on words is all in good fun. "The best costumes are the funny ones and this year's 'Naughty and Nice' renamed 'My Angelic Wife is the Devil!' is at the top of our list. We carry all sizes of that Devil Angel Halloween costume from 'My Angelic Toddler is the Devil' to 'My Angelic Teenager is the Devil!' on up to the adult sizes," Lester said. http://www.costumecauldron.com/shop/search.php?mode=search&substring=is+the+devil&including=phrase&by_title=on

Aside from the angel and devil Halloween costumes, http://www.costumecauldron.com has a vast collection of Halloween products and supplies that are well categorized. Costume Cauldron's selection is gigantic, with over 14,000 products. You'll spend several happy hours browsing, but if the famous silver screen characters like Harry Potter or Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean are on the lips of your children, the online retailer can aid in their transformation.

"These box office movies are a favorite with children every year," states Lester, "Kids have a chance to indulge in healthy imagination and act out the scenes from the movies they watch. What's great about these officially licensed Halloween costumes is that they don't have to be a one time use item that ends up in the back of the closet November 1st."

You'd think a child's interest in kids Halloween costumes start around the kindergarten to grade one age but costumes for babies and toddlers are popular with proud parents who live vicariously through their new offspring. Old time Disney characters like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan float through the nostalgic minds of parents when browsing the internet for kids Halloween costumes.

"Parents love to get something for their baby that reminds them of their own childhood. The toddler doesn't care what they wear or what they look like. Although they do care what the Halloween costume feels like," Lester notes with a smile. "Crawling babies seem to take a liking to soft fuzzy animals or insects; bumble bees and lady bugs make them giggle. For adults, getting kids a special Halloween Costume is to share in their own fond memories of trick or treating; to show their love through tradition." http://www.costumecauldron.com/Kids-Angel-Fairy-Wings-Costumes.html

So, what's new with Costume Cauldron for 2009 aside from "My Angelic Wife is the Devil!" and those fuzzy baby bumble bees? "The newest element in this year's product line is weight on the safety factor. Dressing up indeed is fun, but you have to dress safely." Bearing this in mind, most of the popular Halloween costumes this year are made of fire-resistant materials. Unlike past manufactured items these costumes are now made with the safety conscious in mind.

Halloween is right around the corner, getting prepared for it in advance will only serve you well. Certain considerations should be held when making a purchasing decision. Since trick or treating and some Halloween parties are often celebrated outdoors October 31st, check that the costumes are loose enough to snug warm clothes beneath. As a special precaution for children, purchase costumes made with bright colors or stripes so that drivers on the road will notice them. Glow sticks or battery powered strobes placed in trick or treat pails will also enhance visibility. Wigs, beards and masks should in no way obstruct either vision or breathing. The makeup should preferably be non-toxic and removed with a baby wipe and cold cream before bed. Check to make sure costumes are free of sharp or protruding rigid elements. Also make sure children are freely able to move up and down stair cases in their costumes. These guidelines will help your family make the right, safe choice this season. http://www.costumecauldron.com/Kids-Devil-Demon-Costumes.html

Appealing to the bargain shopper on a budget, Costume Cauldron has a jam packed sale section up to 50% off, making this Halloween affordable for everyone. Armed with a team of customer service staff to answer questions about products and a bullet proof hacker safe payment gateway, Costume Cauldron is a great choice for online purchases made fast and easy. Visit the website to get a glimpse of what the masquerade team has to offer. Share with friends and family in the festivities this year and spread the Halloween spirit.
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