"Melinda and the Wild West: A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho" is an instant classic!

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Published: Mon Aug 06 2007

"Melinda and the Wild West: A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho" by Linda Weaver Clarke (ISBN-10: 1589823672) is a tender and rare look into the lives of fictional characters set in a period that was a more simple and less complex world of today’s airline security, IPods and personal computers.

The year is 1896 and Melinda Gamble, a schoolteacher, leaves Boston for the adventure of a world that is untamed and uncivilized. Recently interviewed, the author said, "She (Melinda) is an elegant woman from Boston, but is naive to the Wild West and its rugged atmosphere...It was fun to be able to take a “naive” city-woman and help her to learn about the elements of the West, an area where I grew up. Melinda is a very stubborn and headstrong woman. She is, also, a very tender woman and wants to do some good in her life and make a difference in the lives of these children. At the same time, she finds that the people in this laid-back western community have made a difference in her life as well."

"Melinda and the Wild West" is rich with historical settings and provides as much of a 'historical' education as entertainment. This story is set in Paris, Idaho -- Founded Sept. 26, 1863, "I dedicated my novel to my great, great grandparents who were the first settlers of Paris, Idaho: Gilbert and Sarah Weaver," the author says, "I wanted to learn more about the area that my great grandparents loved so much. That's what “historical-fiction” is all about: taking bits of history and putting it into the lives of fictional characters."

Melinda Gamble takes the reader on her journey in the early days of the Wild West and experience a time and culture that was wild and primitive but simple, genuine and true. The plot/story blends memorable characters with Idaho's Bear Lake history and is actually based on several true experiences. “At first, I created the most perfect 'rugged rancher' that I could think of, not realizing I was actually creating my character after the same man that I admired and loved, who was in my life for years ??" my father," the author says. "It wasn't until my stepmother read my book and mentioned how much Gilbert reminded her of my dad: Marcus Gilbert Weaver. The build of Gilbert was like my father, a tall hardworking farmer with bulging muscles. My dad had the strength to lift a 130-pound sack of grain over and over again until his truck was filled. The low soft chuckle of Gilbert was my fathers but it didn't dawn on me until she mentioned each little aspect of my rugged rancher. Yes, my character took on the personality and build of my dad without me even realizing it. In a way, it touched me because my father passed away in his 90’s in 2005."

Linda Weaver Clarke displays an easy and excellent style of writing blending adventure/romance/history/humor and courage. "I hope that I can uplift people by inviting them into my world of make believe," she says. "If I can make someone laugh as they read about Jenny stomping around the house with pans tied to her feet, or sigh breathlessly as Gilbert takes Melinda in his arms and expresses his unconditional love to her, or gasp as the grizzly charges toward Melinda, then I think it was all worth it to write this novel." "Melinda and the Wild West: A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho" is an instant classic and should put this author on the literary map all over the world. A MUST read! ??" Page One Literary Book Review, pageonelit.com
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