Young Business Woman Continues to Strive in the New York Fashion Industry

Kerry Bannigan, CEO and founder of Nolcha, learns recession survival and aims to inspire young business women.

[USPRwire, Tue Aug 11 2009] To look at her she appears as an average happy go lucky twenty-something blonde enjoying life in New York City. She then draws you in with her confidence and immediately bypasses any personal talk, jumping straight into what can be done to improve opportunities for the independent fashion business market.

Kerry Bannigan, 26 years old, moved to New York City from England in 2004 and since 2006 she has been on a mission to provide business guidance and opportunities for emerging fashion talent.

In a short period she has grown Nolcha into an award winning and leading organization that supports, promotes, and educates emerging fashion talent from around the world; via Nolcha Fashion Week runway shows, exhibitions, fashion business seminars and trade networking.

As a young female business owner she has had to build client and team confidence during the challenges of the current economy. Thinking outside of the box, listening to client needs and not panicking have been key to Nolcha’s success. The main goal right now for Nolcha is to remain focused, continue to build domestic and international relationships and provide cost effective resources for the independent fashion market.

In 2009 alone Nolcha has held events during New York and London Fashion Week, won an Award for Best Produced Runway shows in New York, partnered with Clarins, Aveda, Paul Mitchell and Starbucks for September Fashion Week, launching The Ethical Fashion Preview supported by EDUN LIVE, the blank t-shirt brand launched by Ali Hewson and Bono; and is expanding Independent Retail Week: New York to Chicago.

Bannigan puts much of her business drive to her working class upbringing; “Coming from a working class town I watched my parents work for every penny and make it stretch across the family, schooling, vacations and food. I have always been a hustler but in business they like to call it smart strategic planning!”

She continues; “Working in such a superficial industry I continuously watch companies and individuals who try to mimic our work and scam the new designer in some way. We have worked hard to build respect and trust from emerging fashion designers; this is irreplaceable and crucial for success at a time like this.”

As a young woman who has grown a business herself in a competitive market place she can definitely provide solid advice to other young entrepreneurs who are trying to succeed. “I want to be an inspiration to young women who want to start their own business, who want to take the risk of leaving their birth land and beginning life abroad. America has shown me independence in thought, financials and business beliefs.”

Bannigan and her team are now preparing for Nolcha Fashion Week: New York taking place simultaneously with New York Fashion Week this September 14th – 18th 2009 at the Bohemian National Hall in association with the Czech Republic Embassy; one day of events will be held at the Carlton Hotel on Madison Ave.

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About Nolcha Fashion Week: New York
Award Winning Nolcha Fashion Week held simultaneously with New York Fashion Week consists of runway shows featuring emerging and independent designers, accessory exhibition, industry networking events and fashion business seminars held by reputable New York fashion business industry figures.

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Nolcha is an award winning multi-faceted media and events platform, offering opportunities in the New York fashion business market, and operates an online fashion network, a print publication and major annual events for the independent fashion industry and related retail businesses. Nolcha offers cost effective resources to aspiring and veteran fashion professionals; initiatives include Nolcha online, Nolcha Fashion Week: New York, Nolcha: London Fashion Week events, and Independent Retail Week.

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