William Elliott Hazelgrove's Rocket Man Novel Hits Bestseller List

Small Press Novel #30 in Humorous Fiction Novel Written in Ernest Hemingway's Attic Depict the Times

[USPRwire, Fri Feb 27 2009] Small Press novels don't have much of a chance to hit the Bestseller lists. The big boys usually dominate with big marketing budgets and large buys from the chains. So when a novel does creep past the jauggernaut of media surrounding big releases and hits a Bestseller List then that is news. Rocket Man blasted off in December and has been steadily climbing. Named a Best Book of the Year by the San Antonio Express and Best Book of the Year by Books and Authors.net, compared to Irving, Updike and Russo by the Chicago Sun Times, http://www.billhazelgrove.com/suntimes.pdf the novel has found an audience with relevancy and humor by becoming #30 on the the topselling books at DieselE http://www.diesel-ebooks.com/cgi-bin/csearch/topse... a site with over two hundred thousand ebooks.

Chronicling one week in the life of Dale Hammer as he tries to hold onto his home in the suburbs of Chicago, reviewers have lauded the humor of the novel. "Funniest serious novel since Russo's Straight Man," the Chicago Sun Times wrote. Many reviewers for Amazon reflected on the "laugh out loud quality of the book.


"I didn't intend to write a funny book," says William Hazelgrove from his office in Ernest Hemingway's attic in Oak Park, http://www.billhazelgrove.com "But this character just came out and he was irreverent that it became a very comic novel. So many people tell me they can't remember the last time they laughed out lout at a book." It is that humor that has been the salient part of a story that could be very dire considering the times we are living through.

"William Elliott Hazelgrove's Rocket Man is a first rate voice-driven black comedy, " Best selling novelist David Liss says in his review of the book. "It is very funny and engaging." This is a good thing. The Chicago Tribune calls it "a rollicking story of a writer whose piece of the American Dream falls apart." Rocket Man has been cited by many reviewers as being the new novel of the American Dream. With the economy in a downward spiral that has many people worrying about their jobs and keeping their homes...maybe we all do need a good laugh at that.

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