Renowned for its immaculate and fluid video animations, Uptown Motions revealed that its much-awaited guide section is set to launch any time in the coming month. And to top it off, it is featuring not one, but two comprehensive guides focusing on storyboarding and 2D animation.

[USPRwire, Fri May 15 2020] The series of guides is yet another step the organization is taking to distinguish itself in the industry. While its animation services have made the organization a go-to place for many businesses, this step of producing all-in-one guides is focused more towards attracting animators and designers, and making a name for itself in the animation industry.

“Whether you are to create a feature film or some 25-second commercial, storyboarding is the first step in the process where your scrip will be adapted into visuals”, says Susan Sean, co-president of Uptown Motions. “Storyboarding basically is when artists imagine, process, and test new ideas before bringing in a team of animators or cameras. The ultimate Guide series by Uptown Motions will support this spirit of collaboration, creativity, and assure that whenever the animators get to work.”

She further added,” There remains no doubt that our utmost effort lies towards making sure that every animation project we undertake, we execute it in the best of manners. However, unlike us, there are many individual designers that struggle at different stages of the animation process. Thus, we announce the launch of our guide section, whose date will be released any time soon, which will be the one-stop-shop, as they say, for everything related to animation.”

As per the announcement, the following guides will also be featured in the coming months:

Animation Production
The animation production guide will talk about how to take care of the aesthetics of a video while maintaining a strong and attractive flow of data.

The Post Production
The post-production guide will assist in how to finalize the video, making sure every visual and voice-over element is taken into account.

Voiceover and Music
The voiceover and music guide will cover everything about the right visual elements that can have a huge impact on the whole composition.

About Uptown Motions.

Uptown Motions is a digital agency formed in 2010, located in the US. They specialize in storyboarding, 2D and 3D animation, post-production, and voiceover production. They offer customized animation solutions that include personalizing niche-specific videos for almost every industry.

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