Internationally renowned Canadian music artists raise awareness and support for war affected children around the world

[USPRwire, Wed Apr 01 2009] Internationally renowned Canadian music artists The Bilz & Kashif have released a timely music project entitled One Voice, aimed at raising awareness and support for war affected children around the world.

All proceeds from the release of the new 'One Voice' music single by The Bilz & Kashif via iTunes and Jamster ringtones will be donated to War Child Canada, an award-winning Canadian charity that provides opportunities and long term solutions for war-affected children, focusing on education, strengthening children's rights, reducing poverty and fostering self reliance. An accompanying music video has been released, in part as a tribute to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India.

A household name in the global Indian entertainment industry, The Bilz (producers Vicious & Master-D) and R&B pop vocalist Kashif won ‘Best Dance Video’ at the Bollywood Music Awards for their Canadian record setting “2 Step Bhangra” single, and performed for over 15,000 Canadian fans at the Unforgettable Bollywood superstars tour this past July at the Rogers Centre. They have been highlighted as one of MySpace’s ‘Top 10 Independent Canadian Artists’ and even reached the #3 most viewed video on YouTube in Canada with their latest club hit “Turn The Music Up”.

Having just returned from India after closing a deal to have their music featured in an upcoming animated Bollywood movie, The Bilz & Kashif felt they had a particular responsibility to create awareness of the affects of the on-going conflict in the region, especially on children. Both the 'One Voice' song and music video address issues like terrorism and poverty with messages of peace, unity and humanitarianism.

“One Voice is something we wanted to do for global welfare,” explains Vicious. “Experiencing the gulf war with my family as a child was a life changing experience that I will never forget, so I felt a need to do something for war affected kids whether in India, Pakistan, or around the world.”

“As Canadians of South Asian heritage, we felt we were in a unique position to speak to people of all cultures from around the world,” explains Master-D. “The song’s chorus originates from the ancient Sanskrit language of India, which many English words are based on – it spoke to me as a truly universal message of peace.”

“Although we often hear of the economic situation, I feel we need more discussion on the humanitarian state of the world,” explains Kashif. “We encourage people around the world to contribute to bring about positive change, not only where they live, but also within themselves, so we hope One Voice can do our part in bringing them the peace they deserve.”

The “One Voice” music project is presented by Bilz Music and Lyrical Knockout Entertainment, in support of War Child Canada. For more information on The Bilz & Kashif or War Child Canada, visit and respectively.

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