The 21st Century Phone Book Goes Mobile

Loo-Lee announces the creation of a mobile version of their remarkable global phone book.

[USPRwire, Wed May 20 2009] Loo-Lee ( announces the creation of a mobile version of their remarkable global phone book. Now when accessed by different mobile phones it will display an appropriate version of the website with the most applicable features available, making it even more convenient and far-reaching than ever before.

Loo-Lee's makers created the system to make it the global phone book for mobile device numbers. This makes it the People's Phonebook -- an electronic phone book by the people and for the people. You post and share your mobile number through Loo-Lee and then you choose who can see it. You can make it available to everyone in the world. You can make it exclusive to registered Loo-Lee users. Or, you can make it even more exclusive--picking and choosing who can view your number on a completely individual basis.

Furthermore, you have the ability to post a business listing in the Loo-Lee Business section. You can even create groups in their Groups section and send out personal invitations for others to come join your group. The website has Google Translate embedded in it so that you can use it to translate Loo-Lee into your foremost or native language.

The creators of this extraordinary and yet simple site are constantly adding new features. Right around the bend is the ability for users to text others through the site as well as on mobile versions. Loo-Lee is completely free to join. But you are invited to buy additional profile upgrades that enable you to have even more features and services at your fingertips including the business profiles and group ownership abilities that were mentioned above. When you join Loo-Lee, you get a free Personal Profile that is very easy to edit under the Edit Personal Information tab. Just select the icon for the pencil and paper to change your profile as you see fit--it's as easy as that. You can even upload photographs of yourself and Loo-Lee is adding new image upload features all the time.

Businesses can list their relevant contact information for existing and potential customers as well as post a description of their business which they control. Businesses can also use this site to manage their relationships with their customers by providing them with scheduling information, promotions and similar CRM features.

You can now let anyone you know and love know how to reach you as you're mobile in the hectic pace of the 21st century. You can even meet new people for personal or business reasons. Check out and expand your mobile contacts for business or personal use.

About LOO-LEE:
Loo-Lee was created by Lior Nuchi, Gal Samuel, and Justin McGill for the purpose of being the leading cell phone directory for the world as well as a comprehensive directory of relevant contact information, such as email and IM addresses, which cannot be found today on the web in any one site. The idea is to allow users to search for contact information and manage their contact lists all on one site on the web.

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