Taillight Produces CMT's Highest-Rated Show of the Year with 2009 CMT Music Awards

Taillight Produces CMT's Highest-Rated Show of the Year with 2009 CMT Music Awards

[USPRwire, Thu Jul 16 2009] Nashville-based television production company, Taillight, has produced this year's highly rated and critically acclaimed CMT Music Awards, broadcast nationally on June 16, 2009.

Produced by Taillight's Executive Producer Tom Forrest and directed by Alan Carter, the awards show turned in the CMT network's highest ratings of the year. John Hamlin and Margaret Comeaux served as executive producers for CMT.

"I was thrilled when I got the call to produce this year's CMT Music Awards. Producing Country Music Television's biggest show of the year was always a long-term goal of mine, and I always enjoy working with CMT executive producers John Hamlin and Margaret Comeaux. This year's show was no exception. We really ramped up the energy and vibe, from the show's opener with Taylor Swift and T-Pain, to the cool set and lighting design. All the performances were outstanding and the artists and fans all had a great time," said Taillight President Tom Forrest.

Taillight director Peter Zavadil directed the show's popular opening segment, which featured superstar Taylor Swift in short vignettes with the cast of the new "Star Trek" film, Kerry Collins of the NFL's Tennessee Titans and host Bill Engvall and fellow Country singer Kellie Pickler. Swift also debuted her rapping skills in a skit with Atlanta hip-hop artist T-Pain.

"I have never worked with two more gifted and fearlessly funny artists than Taylor and T-Pain. The rap/country stream has been crossed, and a new force in music has been forged," said Taillight director Peter Zavadil.

A record setting seven million votes were cast online and via mobile carriers to determine this year's winners at the CMT Music Awards. Nineteen total performances in the two-and-a-half hour broadcast set another record for the show.

Taillight has also announced the exclusive representation for director Shane Drake in the country video market. Known for his work with artists such as FloRida, Paramore, Plain White T's and Fall Out Boy, Drake won the MTV Video of the Year Award in 2006 for Panic At The Disco's "I Write Sins Not Tragedies." He was nominated for MTV's Best Direction, Best Pop Video and Best Rock Video in 2008. Drake directed several of the 2009 American Idol Ford commercial spots that premiered during this year's final shows.

"I'm very excited to debut Shane into the Country marketplace. I look forward to the exciting ideas and quality look that I know he will bring to the table. He is the perfect complement to Taillight," said Taillight Executive Producer Chandra Pereira.

For more information, visit the newly redesigned Taillight website at www.Taillight.tv.

About Taillight:
Founded in 2000, Taillight is a full service production company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Taillight develops and produces Commercials, Music Videos and Television programming. Taillight has produced hundreds of music videos and more than 500 hours of TV programming, including the 2009 CMT Music Awards, the hit series CMT Crossroads, Larry The Cable Guy Christmas Special, The Next GAC Star, CMT Giants, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Super Bowl Party 2005 and the 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music Concert. Visit www.Taillight.tv for more information.

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