She Came from China with Nothing and Now Has 1.3 Million and Found her Soul's Love and Purpose

Author Ping Li draws more than 100 personal and spiritual transformation Gurus donating over $8400 In Inspirational gifts for her book launch on September 15, 2009

[USPRwire, Mon Sep 14 2009] Over 100 top authors, mentors, teachers and coaches will donate nearly $8400 in fabulous bonus gifts when author Ping Li’s book, Awakening, Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose on Earth, launches on Tuesday, September 15th at her website,

This new book guides you in a 22-day program one step at a time toward inner-vibration transformation that is necessary to align your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body in harmony with the source of the universe, and your true essence of who you really are.

Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D. Author of #1 Bestseller, Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster says, "Ping shows you exactly how to tap into the true essence of your own magnificence step by step with the understanding and the process to get you there. If you are ready for a profound transformation in each and every area of your life right now right here, this is the book for you. Can you imagine living as your soul or your higher self in every moment of your life? Making the highest choices as your wise and all knowing self for a perfect and effortless manifestation of your all of heart's deepest desires? You can, Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose on Earth shows you exactly that."

The author says, "This book – and the transformational process it guides you through – is born out of my very soul. It is a Personal Journey for both of us. It was written from within ... and these step-by-step guidances and exercises have been divinely-inspired to help you awakening and fulfilling your soul’s purpose on earth and manifesting the life you were born to live with joy, abundance, flow, and contribution that truly enriches your heart and your soul.

It contains the Ancient Wisdom, profound insights, secrets, and powerful transformational exercises that have helped relieve my own pain and suffering … to awaken the pure love, light, and wisdom within … and will show you how to discover and understand the infinite wisdom of your own soul, the laws of nature and how to work with them to create the life you’ll truly love."

Among those supporting Ping Li’s book are Dr. Wayne Dyer, leader in the field of personal transformation, Best-selling author of Excuses Begone!, also in The Secret; Chris and Janet Attwood, renowned authors of the recent bestseller, The Passion Test: The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Destiny, lecturers, teachers, and leaders in the areas of spirituality and the transformational movement; David Riklan, Self Improvement guru and founder of and Author of Self Improvement: The Top 101 Experts, just to name a few. As friends and colleagues of Holstein, they collectively offer almost $8400 in donated bonus gifts to anyone who pays $27.00 for her remarkable and inspiring guide to personal enrichment. The gifts include Mp3s, teleseminars, reports, guides, book excerpts and more. The 3-month book project will reach a crescendo on Tuesday, September 15th, when an expected 1.3 million people will be invited to visit her site and launch her to number one on, an event not to be missed. Check out her site on September 15th –THE BOOK EVENT OF A LIFETIME. Join her in a fabulous Spiritual Evolution, Enlightenment and Gift Giveaway!

Author, speaker, vibration healer, inner transformation and soul awakening mentor, Ping Li, was born and raised in China. Her personal awakening experience have put her in this path of her soul’s purpose, joy and bliss for using her unique gifts to assist and serve the humanity and others to live their authentic self expression and experience true love, joy, fulfillment, abundance, perfection and miracles in their life.

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