Seeking Revenge on the Ship, Redemption

A falsely accused man is set free and seeks retribution aboard the cruise ship Redemption in Cruisin' with Vengeance (published by iUniverse).

[USPRwire, Sun Oct 03 2010] In Roosevelt Mompremier’s second novel, Rick Solomon is accused by Rachel Tolar and her friends of rape. But there is one problem -- he didn’t do it. While in prison, he changes for the worse after experiencing degradation and abuse. Now he wants to get back at the girls responsible for placing him in a living hell.

“Cruisin’ with Vengeance depicts how the judicial system had blatantly railroaded Rick Solomon despite his innocence,” Mompremier said. “More importantly, this is a story about the darker side of vengeance and the importance of forgiveness – before it’s too late. It’s witty, sexy and inspirational. People from Florida to Florence can relate to the imaginative nature of this chronicle.”

Solomon first gets his chance at revenge on Tolar’s friends. After seeing this take place, she boards Redemption to escape this dangerous man -- not knowing that Solomon is aboard the ship. But she will have some help in trying to survive. A veteran of the Miami Shores Police Department, Ross Leblanc, is on the ship trying to get a break from the dangers on land thanks to the support of his co-workers.

But unfortunately, this cruise is dangerous for everyone aboard. Add in a late surprising twist and Cruisin’ with Vengeance is sure to make readers on cruise ships look for a way to shore.

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