Second Wind Bandits Give a "Gift Of Love"

The new album "A Gift Of Love" by Second Wind Bandits is a gift that keeps on giving. Just push replay!

[USPRwire, Thu Aug 20 2009] Bill Mulroney, singer songwriter, and guitarist, is the leader and founder of Second Wind Bandits. They perform a fused mix of Folk, Rock and Blues. Mulroney finds his band a "musical vehicle" for his original songs. He writes songs from the heart and shares his experiences, and lessons in life.

Mulroney says his songs are different because what he has to say is different. He explains, "The Roots Music Report feels we have created a whole new form of Roots music, what they call 'North-South' Roots Music." His musical influences include Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, Willie Nelson among many other Artists whose music became popular through the 60's. While those influences might be heard in the songs, their music is completely original from the songwriting to the production.

Second Wind Bandits consist of Bill Mulroney: leader, songwriter vocals and guitar; Gary Garvin: bass guitar, guitar and vocals; John Donovan: keyboards, electric guitar and vocals; and Ron Goad: Drums, Percussion and vocals. Together, they have released their second album called "A Gift Of Love."

The band recorded their new album under independent record label Moon Dancer Records at Human Factor Recording studio in Arlington, Virgina. The music was produced by Blake Althen. The CD includes eleven rock-n-roll songs including the single "Baby Let's Ride". The Second Wind Bandits have created a new album for listeners of
all ages, but especially for fans of Roots music, Folk Rock, and Easy Listening music.

The album has received airplay on stations as far away as Queensland, Australia. The Second Wind Bandits are also reaching listeners through online radio stations like! The band is available for playing night clubs, coffee shops and even your own backyard! They are considering plans to tour the West Coast and possibly as far as Europe, where "A Gift Of Love" is charting on the EMCA charts!

"A Gift Of Love" is currently available at CDBaby and iTunes. The CD is also available at the Second Wind Bandits main web site at


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