Rock City Reworks Classic Rock Release Who Can Find the Dreamer

The band Rock City Reworks the Classic Rock Release Who Can Find the Dreamer? and delivers the goods just as the previous self titled release in 2003.

[USPRwire, Sun May 24 2009] The band Rock City has returned from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix, taking their rightfully earned place as one of the innovators of Rock as we know it today.

Who Can Find The Dreamer? delivers the goods just as the previous self titled release in 2003. Without exception the newly transformed recording brings the focus of forceful Rock with great storylines to the forefront once again and it will most certainly delight longtime fans and win legions of new listeners.

Who Can Find The Dreamer? is the complete package offering aural pleasures combined with provoking eye candy on the CD insert. The colorful imagery is provided by Ann Harper and rendered by graphic designer Steve Cox. The promotional video for the spectacular artwork is available on You Tube.

Although the original recording dates back to 1984 the present version has a much richer, warmer, harder rocking sound due to the removal of the drum machine tracks and excessive synthesizer overdubs. The acoustic percussion fills out the sound beautifully thanks to Joshua Dougan (Jonah 33). Josh’s drum work fits the songs as if he had been present in the studio for the original recording. Select existing guitar parts were recorded again through boutique amplifiers to obtain better tone and several new guitar parts were added to the existing recording to not only embellish the overall sound but to present an entirely new recording that will find itself soon regarded as a classic by people that know great music when they hear it.

Original members Jeff Smith (guitars), Thomas Dean Eubanks (bass, vocals), and Terry Manning (keyboards) are very pleased with the final results of the remixing. Eubanks and Smith where on hand to make sure the recording got the loving care it needed in order to realize its full potential. The final results bring out spectacular soundscapes and a contemplative creative process that sounds as if it were recorded for the modern day Rock enthusiast or in more general terms…the true music lover in us all.

Most of the tracks come in at 6 minutes plus to over 10 minutes. The reworked tracks found a new home in Memphis, Tennessee, at Ardent Recording Studio and Cognito Studio and will find their way into thousands of stereos and iPods soon.
Besides the prolific title track the album winds through a maze of feelings and kaleidoscopic wonderlands in “Time Passes”, “Seems So Long” and the eerie “Final Message”.

Who Can Find The Dreamer? is available through all major digital distribution outlets, CD Baby and For more detailed information regarding the release visit the band’s website.
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