Robert Hamir from Albuquerque New Mexico Releases a New Guide on Hiring a Private Investigator

Mr. Hamic wrote this guide because he found that many of his Clients contacted him through his Internet advertising and they know that there are many unlicensed, untrained "fake investigators" advertising just the same way.

[USPRwire, Sat Feb 28 2009] Robert (Robb) Hamic has written a helpful guide to hiring a private investigator. "Consumers can be intimidated, confused and frustrated when they are faced with hiring a Private Investigator," says Mr. Hamic. How does a person find the right one? Mr. Hamic wrote this guide because he found that many of his Clients contacted him through his Internet advertising and they know that there are many unlicensed, untrained "fake investigators" advertising just the same way. "Many people are throwing money away and getting scammed by illegal companies and people," says Hamic. Make sure to read below for the most common mistakes in hiring a PI and tips to avoid being scammed.

People and corporations hire investigators for many reasons. Individuals hire PI's primarily to document marital infidelity, theft, fraud or find missing loved ones or other people. Many clients seek confidential background checks for reasons such as: dating, pre-marital, relative wanting to protect unsuspecting loved ones or you may just be curious.

Businesses hire PI's for a variety of reasons like: employment screening, background checks, internal fraud/ theft, embezzlement, corporate intelligence on competitors, building or personal risk assessments and corporate protection.

Hiring a Private Investigator in New Mexico can be difficult and potentially harmful to your objectives. Many of the PI's who advertise on the Internet, Yellowpages, web sites, online directories and other sources are NOT LICENSED with the State of New Mexico. Any person taking money to provide investigative services or information who works in New Mexico is required to have a license issued by the state Private Investigator and Polygraph Board. Unfortunately, the state is aware of this rampant problem but does little if anything to enforce this illegal conduct. Hiring a unlicensed PI is useless and can undermine your objectives. Below, I listed some potential problems associated with hiring an unlicensed and illegal "fake PI."

- Your money or retainer fee could get stolen and you have no recourse
- Everything you tell this person could be disclosed to anyone against your wishes
- This information could be used against you
- The results of the investigation could be false
- If you hope to use any information obtained in a Court proceeding it will not be allowed because it is wrongfully obtained
- You may be liable for the actions of this "fake PI" if he makes bad decisions
- Fake PI's have no training and produce poor results
- Fake PI's don't have access to the latest database records, tracking methods and high-tech products
- Fake PI's hire low paid people to do their work and then the results are even worse

It is essential that you verify licensing but more importantly you need to verify experience and dependability of the prospective investigator prior to giving out any information or paying any money. He prepared the following checklist for people thinking about hiring a PI:

- verify state license
- verify commercial general liability insurance (this protects you if he does something wrong)
- verify specific experience in the area you wish to hire him (the PI business is very specialized)
- verify training and law enforcement experience of the potential PI (most of us received our basic training in a police department)
- verify stability of the PI (does he have an office, a staff and the equipment necessary?)
- write down your objectives and what you hope to gain through the investigation and share this with him
- ask to look at a sample of his investigative conclusion report (Can this guy write? A investigation is only as good as its report)
- ask him if your objectives can be reached through his services
- clarify your exceptions
- set a definite timetable for events required and the conclusion of the investigation
- get a cellular phone number for the PI and make sure he is available for your questions
- communicate clearly, hold him to the time table and make sure to get a copy of your report and any other evidence
- get a clear understanding of the costs, billing rates and estimated cost of the full investigation prior to paying anything

If an investigation client follows the above checklist together with verifying licensing on any prospective company and person then they have a good chance to obtain their desired results. There are many good and qualified PI's and PI companies in New Mexico but there are more that are not licensed, illegal and are not legitimate. Be careful and choose your private investigator wisely.

About Robert (Robb) Hamic

Robert (Robb) Hamic has been a licensed private investigator for almost nine years in New Mexico. He had law enforcement investigation experience as a Detective with the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department in Albuquerque, NM. Mr. Hamic worked as a white-collar crimes (fraud, theft, embezzlement), burglary, street crimes and auto-theft Detective. Robert (Robb) Hamic oversees a large private investigation, security and self-defense firm based in Albuquerque. Summit Security & Investigation is the premier investigation firm in New Mexico. Summit employs many investigators who have diverse backgrounds and experience. We have a tremendous amount of experience in surveillance, marital infidelity (cheating spouse) investigations and child custody (pre-divorce, divorce, post divorce) cases. He have a uncanny ability to find hidden assets.

About Summit Security & Investigation

Summit Security & Investigation provides private investigation, surveillance, personal and company background checks and marital infidelity investigations in Albuquerque New Mexico and Las Vegas Nevada. Surveillance is the house specialty and Summit can easily provide cover surveillance on anyone, for any reason. Mr. Hamic specializes in long range covert photography, video and audio. Summit and its employees can track people without their knowledge and obtain the information you need

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