Popular Music Instructor Claude Johnson Offers New Way To Learn Guitar

Music instruction gets a makeover with a growing selection of instructional courses online. Claude Johnson now makes interactive musical learning possible through this new dynamic medium.

[USPRwire, Fri May 22 2009] “Overpriced teachers are out” according to acclaimed guitar instructor, Claude Johnson. “Guitarists today need more than just one way to learn a technique, they need to be shown techniques through many different mediums and in many different ways. Most teachers won’t be able to achieve this with face-to-face lessons.”

The newest boom of products sold on the internet is musical instruction manuals, DVDs, and software. These instructional methods appeal to most styles of learning and tend to get even better results than traditional lessons. Most students say that they understand more when they have access to different ways to learn a concept, and this is especially true for music students.

The leading seller of online musical instruction courses, Claude Johnson, says that to learn how to play guitar like the professionals, you must learn certain basics like chords and scales, but learning to think like a guitarist is the most important factor.

Evidently, to really understand one’s instrument, one needs to think about the fretboard in terms of notes and patterns, rather than frets and strings. “There are only a few keys and patterns you really need to play like a pro”, says Claude Johnson, “The others are great once you’ve mastered playing.”

Most traditional music teachers teach all scales and keys before teaching any way to actually apply these techniques, which discourages most beginning musicians. Some internet programs use this method, while others do not.

Claude is very proud to count himself among those that teach unorthodox methods. He even promises that his system is so easy “that Homer Simpson would get it.” The system includes tricks as simple as singing what you play, while you play it.

His main guitar program, Killer Guitar Control Secrets, actually promises, “instant... magical results” and has a year guarantee. We asked Claude how he could stay in business with such high standards and he replied, “We really don’t get many refund requests. The program does exactly what we promise it will do, and people appreciate that.”

This program and programs like it have revolutionized the music instruction world and made it more affordable for even the poorest of starving musicians.

Claude has a full line of products ranging from DVDs to pitch-developing games and software to learn patterns on the guitar all to accommodate people with many different learning styles and levels of playing.

To learn more about Claude’s programs, visit: http://www.guitarcontrol.com/main.php

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