Philanthropic Firm Trivani Launches Tea Designed to Cleanse the Body of Toxins

Trivani International, a leading global philanthropic firm, has debuted the newest player in its Do No Harm line-up of products. 287 Tea, has been specially formulated to help the body cleanse itself of industrial, environmental, and biological toxins in the blood. A significant portion of the profits from the sale of the tea will go to support Trivani’s humanitarian projects, like cleft palate surgeries in the Philippines and school construction in Nepal.

[USPRwire, Tue Mar 30 2010] Trivani International ( the world’s first purpose-driven marketing company, has launched their newest nutritional product, 287 Tea, designed to help the body cleanse itself of toxins. The tea gets its unusual name from a study of umbilical cord blood samples which were tested for industrial and environmental toxins. The study found an average of 287 pollutants in the cord blood of newborns.

“Many people not only wonder what harmful ingredients are in their shampoo and other daily products, but they wonder what to do about these toxic pollutants that tend to stay in the blood for a long time” says Trivani CEO Bob Steed ( “We created 287 Tea exactly for this reason: to cleanse the body of the hundreds of toxins that normally build up and harm the body over the long-term.”

287 Tea is a proprietary blend of highly studied herbal ingredients known for their beneficial and cleansing properties. The product, launched first in Japan and then in the United States on April 23rd, is part of Trivani International’s 287 Consumer Awareness Campaign aimed at educating the public about the dangers lurking inside common personal care products and providing consumers with safe, beneficial alternatives.

Suzanne Merritt, a mother of three and active Trivani customer, had this to say about 287 Tea. “Living in a modern industrialized society, it impossible to completely avoid coming in contact with environmental and industrial pollutants. 287 Tea not only tastes great, but it helps me do something good for my body to counteract the daily exposure to pollution, etc. I really, really love how it makes me feel.”

Trivani is the world’s first Purpose Marketing® company, using the power and profit of network marketing to provide ongoing humanitarian aid around the world. Trivani’s unique business model consists of two distinct but closely intertwined entities: Trivani International and the Trivani Foundation®. This business model helps Trivani fulfill its humanitarian goals through three main missions: Purpose, Health, and Prosperity.

Persons interested in learning more about the company can go to Persons interested in the Trivani Foundation, a non-profit organization, and its humanitarian projects can go to

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