New Music for a New Perspective, Recording Artist Releases Debut Album

Cabe Lindsay’s debut album, Take A Deeep Breath, is scheduled to be officially released May 19 on the independent label, Optimistic Realism®.

[USPRwire, Sun May 17 2009] Cabe Lindsay’s first album, Take A Deeep Breath, ($15.95 online at delivers positive meditations that explore the sensation of living fully in the present moment. In a cohesive complex layering of his voice and accompanying sounds, some acoustic, some techno, a clear joy for being is expressed.

The official release date for Take A Deeep Breath is May 19, 2009. Country clever meets New Age in this album, and wow, first they’re sidling around like they’re at a barn dance, and then they settle into slow dance finale. This is feel good music folks, from its Wyoming wild roots to its Texas refined exterior.

The all-vocals track, “In The Now,” is a smiling reminder that ‘now’ is totally fine. In fact it’s where all the action is. And “Be Here Now” clips along like somersaults or maybe tap dancing, with alternating rhymes: “There’s more to life than every road you’ve tripped and every kite you’ve flown, every boat you’ve flipped, every fist you’ve thrown,” speeding up and intensifying the listener’s attention.

Another song, “From the Mud” is almost hypnotic with sinuous tune layers that meander along equally sinuous lyrics, giving the impression of, perhaps, a mantra growing like a lotus from deep inside. The arrangement is intelligent and yet very right-brain, with imagery that doesn’t make logical linear sense, but if you close your eyes and float with it, yep, for sure a lotus petal or two begins to open. Similar in quality is “Potter.”

There are three ballads in the collection, all of which tell bittersweet stories that take their heroes beyond death into kinds of primal inclusion in the natural world’s eternal rejuvenation. Lindsay softens tragedy’s sorrow and grief’s pain with these songs, leaving us with thoughtful peace, continuing a theme that seems to run through the core of his personality.

Other songs of Cabe’s evoke childlike innocence: “I Feel”, and “She Opted for Scuba Diving” are two such, and they contrast with the sophistication of “A Diamond Met A Pearl” about lesbian lovers, and “Mexico,” about drug-induced escape.

Cabe has performed in Missoula, Montana, while living there, and at MoveStudio and private functions in Dallas. Although some of the CD tracks cannot be produced live, as they are digital in nature, Lindsay maintains the energy and essence of the songs in his all-acoustic performances, in the traditional folk style.

The album displays a wide range of thoughts and behaviors, which, after a few listens, begin to relate and associate. Keeping up with the intelligence at work here opens a listener to discovering his or her own perceptions “in the now,” as his or her own ideas match up and are reflected in Cabe Lindsay’s music. Cabe is presently in Dallas, and the CD is available at

About Cabe Lindsay:
Cabe Lindsay currently lives in Dallas, Texas where he earns a living as a web designer, graphic designer, and studio artist. He has been writing songs and composing music for nine years. The album, Take A Deeep Breath, is his first full-length CD release.

About Optimistic Realism:
Optimistic Realism (online at, is an international art and advertising agency with services that include promotional art and studio art. Optimistic Realism specializes in “Upbeat Art & Advertising,” being committed to the idea that attitude effects art. The O.R. unique selling proposition is a positive-minded work ethic that differentiates its creative services from others'.

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