New Jersey Basedd Custard Pie Can Help Economy By Saving Hefty Cost of Tickets

Will a slice of New Jersey Custard Pie save the U.S. economy? You will have to ask the fans of one of the most influential bands of all time, Led Zeppelin. In a time when costs are on the rise and jobs are on the decline any opportunity to save a little can go a long way.

[USPRwire, Tue Mar 10 2009] New Jersey-based Custard Pie may not save the economy, but they just might save you the hefty cost of tickets during a time when saving money is paramount. Hailed from Northern New Jersey, Custard Pie is Celebrating the Music of Led Zeppelin and the fever for this bandís performances is reaching out to fans of Led Zeppelin everywhere.

With the economy in a state of uncertainty, unemployment and foreclosures on the rise and the country scratching its head about the Wall Street bail-out, spirits are at an all-time low. Still, no matter what the people of this great nation are faced with they always find a way to rebound and come together again. People find a way to get out and take their minds off their daily challenges.

The popularity of tribute acts like Custard Pie is on the rise as the cost of entertainment goes up because local talent is so much more accessible. Look in your own back yard and you may be pleasantly surprised by how little you have to travel or spend to see an outstanding performance of the timeless works of Led Zeppelin. Fans who first caught Zeppelin in their formidable years are reliving those moments vicariously through Custard Pie who seek to recreate the music they way it was meant to be heard; with care for the nuances that true fans listen for.

The group is in discussions with local New Jersey promoters like program director, Rich Desisto of WMGM 103.7, part of the Atlantic Broadcasting Group, who seek to bring more of this kind of entertainment to the forefront and make it more accessible to people who might otherwise turn away from the mounting prices of entertainment. Itís an exciting time for local performers to connect with their audiences and for Custard Pie this is only the beginning.

Smart club owners recognize the loyalty of fans seeking the live sound of their favorite performers and the economics of promoting local talent. Fans of Led Zeppelin are unquestionably some of the most loyal and will travel great distances and pack houses just for the opportunity to relive some of those classic moments. The music of Led Zeppelin reaches fans of all ages, generation after generation and always proves to be suitable for all occasions.

So how much will it cost you to take in a show? You might be surprised that it costs you nothing at all depending up where you catch this up-and-coming act. But donít wait, club owners know a good thing when they see it and before you know it theyíll be charging a cover. Still, that will never amount to the cost of a trip to Madison Square Garden, but you might have just as much fun.

Custard Pie is currently booking shows for 2009. For more information you can reach them through their web site at or email them at They can also be found on MySpace at

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