NY Job Coach, Catherine Palmiere, Now Offers Expert Resume Consultations

Well known New York job coach, Catherine Palmiere, has added expert resume consultations and renovations to her Job Coaching business, Palmiere Career Services.

[USPRwire, Wed Nov 18 2009] Well known New York job coach, Catherine Palmiere, has added expert resume consultations through her job coaching business, Palmiere Career Services. Since the recession began, Ms. Palmiere has been on a personal mission to turn the tide of unemployment, empowering client after client with interview techniques, creative job search insights and tools, and now, expert resume consultations.

A Certified Career Coach, Ms. Palmiere is the CEO of Palmiere Career Services, as well as two successful New York employment firms, Adam Personnel, Inc., and Adam Temporary Services, Inc. She is also an adjunct teacher at the prestigious New York Grace Institute, where she teaches office policies and practices. It will come as no surprise that in addition to her long list of credentials, Ms. Palmiere is also a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches.

In a recent show on her weekly free Radio Show on job search techniques, Ms. Palmiere shared the following:

“Creating a resume that is written to strongly feature a candidates accomplishments, rather than simply laying out their work experience is VITAL. Believe me, companies are all about impact and added value right now, so if you streamlined several processes at your last job, cutting down the project time by 50%, you need to say that. If you developed a training program that taught new hires the corporate culture and philosophy, that’s what to feature, rather than what you were simple responsible for” – the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what role you played in a corporation, it’s the value you brought to that role that makes you stand out in a long line of candidates. Choosing a resume consultant who can create THAT type of resume is a million-dollar investment.”

Ms. Palmiere freely shares her expertise and invites the job searching public to hear her radio show every Monday evening at 5:30. There is no prior registration; the call is open to all job seekers by calling the guest line at 646-595-4020.

In addition to this radio show and other outreach efforts, Ms. Palmiere’s first book, “Unlocking the Door to Your Career,” was published by Pearson Educational Publishers in February. The workbook offers exercises and real-world tips to job seekers. (Copies are available at http://www.PalmiereCareerServices.com.) In addition to her book, Catherine Palmiere is a sought after corporate consultant and speaker and was recently featured as an industry expert on Cable NY1, and AMNY.com. Ms. Palmiere can be contacted regarding resume consultations through Palmiere Career Services. Catherine Palmiere, CEIC, CPBA, CPCC, CEMC email:cp@palmierecareerservices.com

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