Meet Ronnie O'Dowd Along The "Rough Country" Road!

Sharing his Debut album "Rough Country", Ronnie O'Dowd takes his listeners on a journey they will never forget.

[USPRwire, Sat Aug 29 2009] Originally from Denver, Ronnie O'Dowd has been playing music since he was 11 years old. Although Ronnie has never toured the country, his musical exposure has been know throughout the town of Denver in several garage bands, plus the local bars and venues.

Ronnie's music tells stories through his emotional lyrics. He pulls the listener into the moment. Ronnie states "I try hard to convey the original emotion that was initially inspired." He speaks highly of all the people that have influenced him throughout his career. Not only is Ronnie inspired by other musicians like Ray Charles, The Andrew Sisters, and the Beatles, but also by the people who introduced the music to him. This includes his father, who passed away when he was an adolescent. He also credits his mother and sister for his inspirations.

Ronnie's personal relationships are woven within the frame works of his music, from the album cover to the music production of "Rough Country". His Wife, Chris, helped write Lyrics for the song "Mayan Breeze" while his daughter, Angie, drew the art for the cover of his CD. His old friend and musical mentor, Mark Vigil has been coaching and producing his album. His friend Gary Musso, plays guitar. Ronnie explains, "I can't limit all the influences on me to the artists mentioned but simply say that I spent a lot of time with them."

"Rough Country" is an album for everyone. It has a variety of musical style from Jazzy Blues to Folk. However, when asked to describe his music style, Ronnie simply says that he would prefer it to be categorized as "I'm not quite sure!"

The album was recorded in Mark Vigil's home based studio. On April, 30, 2009, "Rough Country" was released through MV54 music label. It is currently for sale on Napster, Rhapsody, Amie Street, iTunes, Amazon On Demand, and other online music retailers. For more information about Ronnie O'Dowd visit


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