Marks And Leary Capture The Groove Of The Woodstock Era!

Drawing influences from classic Rock and Roll, the unique music of Marks and Leary offers listeners dance music with a nostalgic feel. Emmaretta Marks and George Leary met in Jimi Hendrix’s Manhattan office and were set to become permanent members in his new band before his death. They’ve taken Jimi Hendrix’s style and created a funky Rock inspired sound that gets listeners in the mood to groove. The new album from Marks and Leary "Rocking Rhythm and Soul Woodstock Dance Night Band" is the perfect disc for fans of music from the Woodstock era updated to fit a more modern sound.

[USPRwire, Mon Mar 22 2010] Meeting in Jimi Hendirx’s office in Manhattan, Emmaretta Marks was asked to be his lead singer in a band Hendrix was to front, and George Leary was to audition for the role of the drummer. After the meeting, the pair lived in Hendrix’s house while he was on the road where they cultivated their own unique form of Rock inspired dance music.

The album incorporates elements of Woodstock era Rock and dance music heavily inspired by the work and legacy of Jimi Hendrix. Celebrating the works of Hendirx, the album offers a connection between life and death and trancends Woodstock era genres. With catchy dance music with a nostalgic feel, Marks And Leary share elements of Jimi Hendrix’s influence and a spiritual message.

“Jimi died, and our album makes a connection between life and death. The guitar work is an example of Jimi’s style,” they said.

Taking time off of recording to promote their music, Marks And Leary hope to reach individuals on a spiritual level with their album and arrange some live perfomrances. The Artists are currently trying to set up performances with Hendrix’s former bass player Billy Cox. "Rocking Rhythm and Soul Woodstock Dance Night Band" was recorded on Marks’ label Mambo Daddy Disk and is currently available on CD Baby. For more information on their Woodstock inspired, rock driven dance music check out their Myspace page at


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