MTP Productions contracts Metro Station, Cobra Starship and Katie Chonacas a.k.a. Kyriaki Sunday for stadium event.

[USPRwire, Tue Jul 14 2009] Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. CEO/President, Mark B. Newbauer, proudly announces the lineup completion for the company’s August 29, 2009 concert at Parkview Field in Fort Wayne, Indiana. “We couldn’t be happier with this lineup. We’ve already gotten ticket requests from across the country, and even a few out of Canada due to fans’ anticipation of Good Charlotte’s forthcoming album release and now we add hot performances from Miley Cyrus’ little bro’s band, Metro Station; Cobra Starship, which recently featured Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester on it’s ‘Good Girls Go Bad’ release, and a dance/pop opener from hot up and comer, Katie Chonacas who’s breakout release, SO N2 U, is making a splash on today’s hottest dance floors.”

Director of Concert Promotions, Kelsi Velpel says the grouping has a proven record, “Good Charlotte and Metro Station have performed together several times together recently with much success, both artistically and financially. To add Cobra Starship and Katie Chonacas to the mix gives the show additional appeal and because the artists are excited to be working together, we were able to assemble a show that was toward collective success. Not to mention the fact that our venue, Parkview Field, is somewhat an act in and of itself. This is a new stadium in a progressive city. You’ll see people buying tickets for this show that haven’t even heard of these bands simply to experience a concert here. It’s the first mainstream concert to be held at the stadium ever and GM, Mike Nutter, has been incredible to work with. Both sides see the appeal here in terms of entertainment and economic development and it’s the kind of recipe that makes Mike The Pike Productions a company to set your sights on.”

Flyer distribution, media placement and advertising as well as announcements at the Stadium will launch next week and Tickets Sales for the event will be announced in the coming days. “We aim to price this toward profitability for the company as well as its private investors and its shareholders, but also at a price that is competitive so that it can be enjoyed by everyone despite current economic conditions”, adds Velpel. Meanwhile, MTP will be working on securing talent for a second show as Newbauer continues to prepare for casting on the Motion Picture side of the brand as well as finalization for MTP’s much anticipated literary option.

For more information on Mike The Pike Productions, please contact Mark B. Newbauer at mark@mikethepikeprods.com. For more information on Katie Chonacas, please contact Jordyn Borczon at Jordyn@monaloring.com or 818-706-8080.


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