Kennedy Book Shows Aristotle's 'Rhetoric' As Deeply Flawed - 'NewView' Is Better, Says Expert

George A. Kennedy's book, On Rhetoric, reveals flaws in Aristotle's Rhetoric. But all that has been - and still is - ignored by the community of Rhetoric scholars. Further, Rhetoric focuses merely on forms, says expert, while 'NewView' principle adds needed content to form.

[USPRwire, Mon Mar 22 2010] A recent book, On Rhetoric, by brilliant translator George A. Kennedy, indicates that Aristotle's Rhetoric is deeply flawed. At least, that's according to Bill Drew, author of a successful new e-book, The Secret DNA of Writing Essays And Everything Else.

According to Bill Drew, CEO of NewView Options, George A. Kennedy's recent book, On Rhetoric, Second Edition (2006), says that the key subject matter of Aristotle's Rhetoric was Greek politics, but Aristotle used no actual, real speeches of Greek politics in his analyses. Kennedy also says that Aristotle probably had but little personal knowledge of Greek politics. In other words, according to Drew, Aristotle's Rhetoric consists of reasoning based purely on abstractions that are disconnected from anything real.

"Not only that," Drew expounded, "but Kennedy's book also points out that Aristotle's Rhetoric was lost for over 200 years after his death. And, since Aristotle's Rhetoric hadn't been taught anywhere outside his own school in Athens, the Rhetoric of Isocrates took over and became the most popular Rhetoric in Greece. And it was most probably the Rhetoric of Isocrates that Cicero and Quintilian wrote about, not Aristotle's. Kennedy said that Aristotle's Rhetoric was, therefore, and I quote, 'obsolete as a school text' and wasn't the Rhetoric taught in Greek, Roman, and European classrooms throughout history."

Drew went on to point out that George Kennedy is an expert, a brilliant translator of ancient Greek, and he's saying, Drew believes, that Rhetoric is deeply flawed, despite the fact that it was written by that great thinker, Aristotle. In fact, despite all the intellectual complexity that modern rhetoricians like to attribute to Aristotle's Rhetoric, Kennedy's book asserts that "Aristotle's precepts can be reduced to a recommendation that a speaker give a reason (or apparent reason) for what is asserted."

Drew's new book offers an alternative to Aristotle's and other kinds of rhetoric. "My e-book, The Secret DNA of Writing Essays - And Everything Else, presents NewView, a breakthrough concept on all the kinds of newnesses - only five, believe it or not - that can be used to generate new content. That's the opposite of Rhetoric, of course, which supplies only forms. I developed NewView in my Master's thesis and have used it to win awards as a technical writer for the past twenty-five years. NewView actually works really well with Rhetoric by ensuring there's new content for readers / audiences, which Rhetoric neglects. Also, NewView is easy to work with, and it's already being used by students, teachers, and businessmen. NewView works with everything already taught by writing teachers, providing writing that universally neglected dimension of 'What's new to the reader'."

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