Israeli self-defense DVD's and Israeli Combat Shooting DVD's are Released by Summit self-defense

Summit's Haganah instructors Robert (Robb) Hamic and Matt Knaub teach students through schools in Albuquerque and Austin.

[USPRwire, Mon Mar 09 2009] Summit self-defense has released many Israeli self-defense DVD's for sale through its online store. The DVD's are available to the public and teach effective self-defense, women's self defense, handgun deployment, tactical knife, ground survival, hand-to-hand combat and responses to various reality based attacks. These DVD's are intended for the public, women, law enforcement, security officers, military or anyone wishing to learn reality based self defense that works.

Summit self-defense ( is a leader in the self defense industry and it offers training in Haganah, the evolution of Israeli martial arts. Summit's Haganah instructors Robert (Robb) Hamic and Matt Knaub teach students through schools in Albuquerque and Austin. They conduct seminars for individuals, law enforcement, groups and corporations throughout the country and are recognized leaders in reality based self-defense training. "Everyday people who can't come to our schools needed to have access to effective self-defense based training," says Robb Hamic. "We made this training available through professionally produced DVD series that can be purchased online through our website."

Robert (Robb) Hamic writes law enforcement training articles for nationally distributed magazines and he is now bringing this training to individuals who are concerned with their safety and the security of their families. "I saw that the gun deployment training was easy to learn and effective for personal self defense so I brought this training to the public. I also offer the entire Israeli Combat Shooting course on DVD through our online store so everyone can take advantage of these new and unique methods," says Robb Hamic. Additional information can be found on

Other DVD titles include: Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting and Ground Survival. These DVD's were produced by Mike Lee Kanarek, founder of the Haganah system and Israeli Defense Forces combat veteran of the battle hardened Golani Brigade. Mr. Kanarek is revered as an instructor and provides Haganah training to many of the United States' elite military and police units. Haganah is the premier reality based self-defense system in the world. Haganah proves especially effective for women in violent, stressful attacks and it is very instinctive.

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